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3 Differences Between Bloggers and Influencers

Bloggers vs. Influencers

With over 3 billion social media users, it is difficult to make a clear distinction between a blogger and an influencer. In this ever-changing digital world that we live in, there are countless digital natives, agencies, and businesses competing to share content. Many use the two terms “influencer” and “blogger” interchangeably, but they are completely different. So are you an Ellen DeGeneres or are you a successful blogger? Many factors distinguish an influencer from a blogger. To paint a clearer picture, the influencer marketing experts at Premiere Creative highlighted 3 key differences to help you better identify bloggers from social media influencers.

1) The Mindset

We all have motivations behind our actions. Having said that, two people can have the same goal in mind but have completely different motives. The motive behind content sharing is where the terms “blogger” and “influencer” really come into play.

If you go in with the mindset of posting original content you think others will like, you’re considered a blogger. Your motivation can come from passion, the desire to share something you think is “cool” or your love for writing. In contrast, if your motivation comes from promoting a brand or product, gaining followers and likes on social media or driving engagement, you’re considered an influencer. While some influencers may actually use the product or business they promote, their direct motivation can come from outside rewards or other forms of compensation.

2) The Audience Interaction

Putting personality into your content can make or break if you’re a blogger or an influencer. The distinction has a lot to do with how much of yourself you put into the content.

So what does that mean? It means how you interact with your audience and if you take time to build trust with them. Sometimes it’s easier for influencers to persuade their audience to do something because they don’t have to do any persuading at all. This mirrors a younger sibling and older sibling relationship. Matching outfits aren’t ideal when your mom puts you in them, but the tables turn as the younger sibling when you have the power and influence comes into play.

Take a second to think about Ellen DeGeneres or your favorite celebrity on Instagram. These individuals tend to go above and beyond when it comes to getting themselves involved with the content they share. This can be through likes and comments, free products, personal experiences or relatable stories. Their motivation is to have an influence on their audience and to get them to take action.

By no means does this go to show that bloggers can’t be engaging or trustworthy. If you’re a blogger, your priority is the quality of your content rather than getting personal with your audience. Your form of interaction is through the content, not direct contact.

3) The Niche Dedication

All content creators have their own niche, but those who are more dedicated to their niche tend to be more of an influencer.

If you’re an influencer, you have to actively expand your niche of people who follow your content and feed into your trust. This means that your following must consist of friends, fans and other influencers within your niche. Influencers show dedication to their niche by making it a point to become an expert in their content and collaborating with similar people. Not all influencers are celebrities, but this is how influencers become “celebrities” within their niche.

Meanwhile, bloggers may not take the time to expand their niche. If you’re a blogger, you share content for you and for the niche that naturally develops from sharing your content. Being an expert in your field and sharing the content is one thing, but having to worry about interacting within your niche is another.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you can be a blogger, you can be an influencer and you can be an influential blogger. Luckily for you, the next time someone asks if you’re a blogger or an influencer, you’ll know the answer. Need help launching an influencer marketing campaign? Connect with the #1 influencer marketing agency in NJ & NYC by dialing (973) 346-8100. Also make sure to sure check out our latest post on using influencer marketing during Black Friday.