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SEO Strategies for Fashion Websites

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Over the last decade, fashion has been subject to industry shifts and immense change. Paralleled with the change, however, is a growth of online traffic and sales. Since the digital revolution shifted buyers’ shopping habits, consumers now turn to online retail and e-commerce because of its convenience. Fashion e-commerce websites, blogs, and social media pages have become the platforms of choice for business owners as competition continues to increase and online-only fashion becomes the norm.

As mainstream and high-end fashion retailers adopt this online approach to sales, it’s key to have a quality website and online strategy to promote traffic. By implementing our four fundamental fashion SEO tips, increasing conversions and engagement will become your reality.

1. Research Relevant and Trending Keywords

Using long-tail keywords before short-tails is considered to be one of the most essential principles of fashion SEO. Long-tail keywords are less competitive and reflect the intent behind a search more clearly. Based on this, doing the proper research on the keywords that work for your business is a key factor for successful SEO. Including keywords and phrases, people search for within your fashion website will be the driving element that makes your site show up when others search for those words.

Long-tail keywords are more likely to result in a sale. For example, using “women’s jacket” will not make your website appear on the first page of Google. This phrase is broad and many other websites will already be ranking highly for it. Thinking about it, hundreds, if not thousands of major fashion sites are using “women’s jacket” as their product page name. Narrowing down your keywords and steering away from generic phrases will differentiate your website from the others. Using a more specific phrase like “women’s black leather jacket with a belt” will minimize the large group of competitors that you are striving to rank against.

Google Keyword Planner will help you in your SEO efforts. You can use this This free tool to identity recently searched long-tail keywords and pinpoint ones to use in your fashion-related content. Being mindful of using unique and trending long-tail keywords will elevate future content on your site. Good SEO practice can quickly easily be started by implementing targeted keywords in page titles, tags, and in the first sentence of each page or blog post.

2. Fashion Blogs: An Engagement Advantage

Introducing a fashion e-commerce blog to your website will give you the best of both worlds. Fashion blogging is a great way to talk about and promote your product, while simultaneously implementing those imperative keywords. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using fashion keywords in blog posts. Through the blog publishing process, you will be able to introduce those influential keywords you’ve researched. With refreshing content and the incorporation of trending fashion-related phrases, individuals will be more inclined to stay on and engage with your site.

SEO Fashion Blog

When deciding to publish fashion blogs on your site, it’s important to keep in mind that individuals will most likely not want to read posts that are overtly trying to sell them something. Relating to the editorial in fashion magazines and influencer tactics will keep your audience engaged and build the necessary trust you need to become a leader in everything fashion. Centering your posts on buzzing topics in pop-culture, lifestyle, and trending celebrity fashion will allow you to insert one or two links to your products that mirror the content.

To receive SEO benefits from your fashion blog, make sure to keep it on the same domain as your website, as this will keep individuals on your site much longer and avoid confusion. We understand running a fashion blog may seem tricky, but when paired properly, interesting content and keywords will boost your brand’s recognition – increasing your ranking on search engines.

3. Optimize Your Images

For any fashion retailer, having exceptional images of your products is valuable. During your process of choosing images, make sure that each image gets optimized in regards to dimension, format, and quality. These three aspects are elemental because great images will catch the eye of the consumer shopping on your website and make you stand out from the competition across all of your platforms.

If you are placing a large image on your blog post or website, this may slow down the loading speed of your page. To avoid having individuals close out of the page, proper formatting is necessary. By reducing the image file size and cropping it accordingly to fit your page, you can reduce the time your server spends loading the image when someone visits your site. Rather than only adjusting the width parameter, cropping will give you the same image as a smaller file.

4. Keep Your Web Pages Organized & Functional

With online retail, the need for instant gratification by consumers becomes apparent. Online shoppers want to see clear and aesthetically pleasing sites that are also user-friendly. This remains true for both web and mobile websites. Now more than ever, people are shopping right from their smartphones and will be easily driven away by an unsightly mobile website. Fashion retailers need to construct a cohesive and understandable mobile page that looks as good as their main webpage to enhance their SEO.

Organization is crucial for functionality. By organizing your products into categories, you can make sure that every page has a clickable link and relevant content sprinkled with keywords. When you have links for all of your items, you are optimizing each product search that would otherwise go unnoticed by search engine crawlers. Having an impeccable website both on a smartphone and a computer will positively impact the customer journey as they navigate your site.

Growing Your Fashion Website With SEO

Realizing that websites will not automatically appear in the top search engine spots right after you create them is key to understanding how SEO works. To get Google crawl bots to find and pull out your website from the rest, pages and content need to be connected appropriately so that your customers can find your website. By combining these four tips, your fashion SEO endeavors will be made easy so you can boost engagement, sales, and search rankings. To learn more about SEO and how you can optimize your fashion website, contact us by dialing (973) 346-8100.