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The Best Tools for Recruiting Social Media Influencers

Influencer Recruiting Tools

The rise of platforms like Instagram and YouTube has made influencer marketing affordable for small and large businesses alike. Regardless of your brand’s size – whether you’re Fortune 500 Company or a local mom-and-pop shop – it is possible to build a social media presence, gain followers, and build partnerships with influential individuals online. But with so many brands and influencers on the market, it’s difficult to find and lock in with the right influencer for your brand. Influencer marketing initiatives build on bad influencer-brand matches can be costly and disastrous for all parties involved. That’s why finding the right social media influencer is your golden ticket to success.

Cutting through the noise and finding influencers whose audiences work for your brand is essential for influencer marketing success. Unsurprisingly, a lot of software exists that helps brands search for and reach out to the right influencers. In this post, we’ll be examining the best influencer search software on the market.

Recruiting Influencers With Dovetale

Dovetale describes itself as providing “A Better Way to Manage Creative Relationships.” The breadth of functionality provided by the service certainly lives up to that description. Dovetale provides a comprehensive search engine to marketers seeking “creative relationships” with influencers. Using their advanced search functionality, Dovetale scrapes all social platforms – from Instagram to Facebook – and produces results based on user-specified criteria. Even better, marketers can customize their search using over 40 different fields.

As an example, let’s say you are a fast-fashion retailer based in Canada trying to increase Instagram followers in key Canadian cities. You want to partner with 5 Canadian fashion influencers that will post pictures that highlight your products. The goal is to increase followers and likes and ultimately drive conversions to your website. When using Dovetale, you can search for influencers with between 10,000-30,000 followers. You can specify the gender percentages of potential partner’s audiences. You can filter the search results to only include influencers who meet engagement percentage minimums.

You can filter out influencers that have over a certain percentage of bot traffic, or weed out non-Canadian followers. The criteria you can use when searching for influencers on Dovetale are endless. Once you narrow your search down to a handful of influencers, you can then use Dovetale to initiate outreach. All in all, Dovetale is a user-friendly yet extremely rich program that helps marketers find creative partners. It is a must-have for anyone interested in influencer marketing.

Recruiting Influencers with Awario

If you’re a bit more flexible or don’t have a specific idea concerning your potential influencer’s identity, Awario may help you. Awario’s influencer searching functionality is keyword-based. Instead of searching based on the desired identity of your ideal influencer, Awario prompts users to search by keyword.

Let’s work with another example: you own a company that makes weight loss supplements, and you are looking to partner with prominent sports scientists and nutritionists. You identify keywords that are relevant to that type of content (i.e. “sports medicine,” “supplements,” “working out,” “fitness,” “weight loss,” “nutrition,” etc.) and then search them in Awario. The software is designed to gather social mentions and articles based on your keywords, before analyzing them to identify authors and other prominent voices. It also ranks platforms based on their ability to drive optimal outcomes and ranks influencers based on which ones are best for your brand.

Choose Your Influencer Software Wisely & Cut Unnecessary Expenses

When it comes to comprehensively scrapping the Internet for the best possible influencers, Dovetale and Awario can get you where you need to go. Both are relatively affordable and fantastic at cutting through the noise. Effective use of both in tandem will help your brand identify the right partners, and drive great influencer marketing success.

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