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Google Gmail Ads vs. Discovery Ads: Which Method Should I Use?

Gmail Discovery Ads

Google has perfected supply and demand within the online advertising model. Traditional advertising requires you to spend money just to show your ad (billboards, magazines, radio, TV), instead, Google only charges you if someone clicks on your ad!

That ensures every dollar you put into play, aligns with an interested user’s search interest (because they have to click it). If you want to go beyond the two most commonly used Google advertising options, search or display, you should consider other avenues within Google’s system such as Gmail Ads or Discovery Ads. At Premiere Creative, we’ve narrowed down the fundamental differences between these services to maximize your efforts in future campaigns.

Google Gmail Ads: Sliding Into Your Inbox

Launched in 2015, Gmail Ads get overlooked by most advertisers. Google’s Gmail advertising platform gives marketers and advertisers access to their customer’s Gmail inbox through smart targeting options. With 1+ billion Gmail accounts, advertiser can reach users right at their inbox with target ads based on their interests.

When a user logs into their Gmail account, they will see these ads under the social and promotional tabs of your inbox, assuming they separate them into tabs. Although Gmail Ads are compatible both online and mobile, these are great to use as secondary and supplementary marketing methods. You can use Gmail Ads to promote current sales or upcoming events that people can forward via email or save to their inbox. While Gmail Ads offer the same audience targeting methods as Discovery Ads, but if you’re unsure where to begin or how to increase conversion and click-through rates, it’s best to contact the Premiere marketing team. It’s easy to run this budget quickly – remember you are competing against other agencies.

Google Discovery Ads: The New Alternative

In 2018, Google launched Discovery Ads – transformed image ads engineered with mobile platforms in mind. Discovery ads also target audiences not keywords like search and display. Google creates these audiences by grouping individuals based on search data-based users’ interests, downloads, and past searches. You may have seen these eye-catching Discovery ads tailored to you on YouTube, the promotional/social tabs of your Gmail account, and the Google homepage.

In this age, it’s important to have a strong brand identity that’s supported by visually pleasing images and interactive features. People are more inclined to interact with an ad that stands out from the rest which Discover Ads achieve at a more efficient cost. Discovery Ads, when configured properly, could target a potential audience of customers who have like-minded interests. Discovery Ads can run amuck however as it is critical you narrow your audience as well as test different audiences to identify what matters most. At Premiere Creative, we encourage you to test out these new waters by contacting us with all  your SEO questions and efforts.

Google Optimization Made Easy With Premiere Creative

Whether its Gmail Ads or Discovery Ads, finding the right type of advertising for your business is a necessary and crucial part of expanding your target audience. To create a seamless advertising campaign through Google, trust the team at Premiere Creative. Give us a call at (973) 346-8100! We look forward to helping your business grow online!