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Creating an Effective Landing Page

Anyone who has ever flown always hopes for a smooth landing. Once the plane hits the ground, passengers feel a sense of relief when we reach the destination. Relative to websites, businesses want web traffic to land at the correct destination so that visitors can perform a particular action, whether that action entails making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

With comfort, comes the possibility to convert website visitors into customers and brand advocates. Compelling landing pages can help make the process run smoother. If you’ve ever neglected to put thought and effort into creating a landing page, then you’re in for a rude awakening. Optimized landing pages help businesses add subscribers, increase sales, and strengthen SEO for your website. When you drive results, you drive a successful business!

A Landing Page’s Destination: Success

Businesses have the opportunity to drive sales one landing page at a time. Landing pages inspire calls to action, whether you want visitors to download an eBook or fill out a contact form. Methods to encourage visitors to perform these actions may vary, such as highlighting your latest blog, or offering an exclusive eBook in exchange for filling out a contact form. Landing pages intend on getting visitors to act.

Configuring landing pages to collect data proves helpful in the long run because your marketing team can analyze this data to create your ideal audience persona, and concentrate on converting these members into customers rather than focusing on visitors who don’t match your buyer’s persona.

Thoughts on Traffic

When we hear the word traffic, we cringe because we envision of sitting on a highway, bumper-to-bumper, and stuck and barely moving. But with websites, you absolutely want more traffic! Generating web traffic comes through different sources such as paid advertising, direct, referral, or organic. Ideally, you want more web traffic because that’s an indication that your users visit your website by typing a query into a search engine.

Yet, organic growth may not be enough to yield the results some businesses desire. At times, businesses may need to open their wallets if they want to begin generating more traffic. Options of running digital marketing campaigns exist through social media platforms or Google Ads.

Analytics are Available

Many advertising platforms offer valuable data and give you the ability to see the sources of traffic. Social media advertising displays engagement and the total reach of any marketing campaign you run. Google Analytics, another service offered by Google features a customizable dashboard, allowing you to filter and delve into your audience. As you analyze your data, ask yourself the following:

  • Are people performing the desired action once they arrive at the landing page?
  • How high is the bounce rate?
  • How are people landing on your page? Is it through organic search? Referral? Or maybe direct?

Based on the data you acquire, you can determine if your landing page is performing well or needs some improvements. These changes may range from expanding or cutting copy, changing the layout, or even swapping out the offer you’re presenting to visitors.

Let Your Landing Page Stay Ahead with a Great Headline

Effective landing pages increase traffic and can also generate revenue. Some key features are necessary to achieve valid results since they’re usually the first element a web visitor will notice. Create a catchy headline to make a great first impression. Headlines provide highly visible content. Headlines determine if the audience engages with the context of the body. When you convince visitors to stay on the page, conversions happen. Boring or poorly written headlines will increase bounce rates as you deter engagement. As a business owner, you want leads to turn into valuable conversions, so you cannot afford to neglect writing a great headline. Here are some tips for when you write your next landing page headline.

  • Clarity connects with your audience. Headlines cannot be general or vague
  • Deliver a relevant, distinct message to your visitors
  • Present striking fonts in large print to visually attract your audience
  • Offering empathetic and supportive problem solving benefits your traffic and they will stay on the page
  • Have a strong headline and do not withhold any information. Transparency gains trust and lowers bounce rates
  • If advertising, be sure your ad matches your headlines with a consistent message
    You want your CTA to communicate what action you want the visitor to take

Giving Something to Get Something

CTAs assist businesses in lead generation, which has been around before the digital age. A few examples include coupons, direct mailings, and door-to-door sales. By subscribing to the mailing list, as mentioned earlier, you may receive 25% off your first purchase, which is a CTA. Visitors exchange contact information for benefits. By clicking a button, your CTA gets achieved with a lead generated.

Have you ever wanted to purchase something, but didn’t feel like paying full price? You’re not alone! You sign up for emails and receive a discount code. Do you find yourself revisiting the page looking at the item and the expiration date of the coupon? You find yourself enticed. The business may engage with follow-up emails personalized to the content viewed.

The company steps up their marketing game, speaking directly to you, and what action do you take? Do you buy the item? If you want it, discounted, you purchase it. Once a lead, the company converts you into a paying customer. Other offers may include free trials, free downloadable content, free assessments, or a gift. Many landing pages feature subscription forms for visitors to receive additional content such as newsletters, discounts, or special events. Businesses differ in what information they collect. It may be simple and only require an email address, or it may be more involved, requiring account set-up.

Using Landing Pages to Maximize ROI

Like popular tourist destinations, you want your website to become a well-known hot spot as time progresses. Collecting information may be difficult. Mail Chimp is one service offering storage, solutions, ideas, templates, and even forms for your social media pages. The more you spread the word, the more your audience grows. If you find yourself having difficulty with subscription leads, you may still have an audience. Visitors appear in your analytics. If you offer services, such as maintenance, your CTA would be providing your business information. Web visitors will seek you out in a time of need. A blogger may have RSS Subscribers, regular readers who do not sign up for email updates. These visitors may bookmark your site and visit more often.

Always pay attention to your website’s analytics. If you sell products, email subscriptions should be a primary focus to communicate offers. Pitching sales may require extra effort and paid marketing strategies. Based on your business needs, you have to select the best option for your site’s landing page. Communicate what you want to achieve with your audience by delivering your message with headlines. No matter what, you always want to work on SEO which gives you a broader organic reach and grows your business and brand.

Launching Success and Landing Those Leads

If you need assistance launching an effective landing page, crafting great headlines, or brainstorming a compelling CTA, Premiere Creative sits ready to help! Contact the marketing experts at Premiere Creative to help lead web traffic to your new landing page or give us a call at (973) 346-8100. We will see to it that you land on your feet and stay ahead of local businesses. Don’t forget to checkout our our top 10 blog roundup for 2018.