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Tag: Lead Generation

Pinterest Lead Generation

Utilizing Pinterest for Lead Generation

Pin it to win it! As a visual discovery engine, Pinterest users can discover, save, and organize content that sparks their passions. With its emphasis on captivating imagery, Pinterest provides
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SEO for Pinterest

Your Guide to Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest advertising can help eCommerce brands make a bolder statement on the web. In an ever-growing digital world, utilizing social media marketing is n critical component of a brand’s online
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LinkedIn Leads

Using LinkedIn to Produce More Qualified Sales Leads

Everyone wants 500+ connections on LinkedIn, it’s the “gold” badge of honor that says people like you, and you have friends, and are well connected. But that’s easy; anyone (and
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Pool Construction Company Marketing

Get Your Pool Party Started: Effective Ways to Promote Your Pool Construction Company

The global pandemic of COVID-19 accelerated the adoption rate of online shopping and online search. For less active users, online purchases become a daily ritual; but for many, it eliminated
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LinkedIn Ads

Can You Use Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn?

This may come as a shock to some who are new to the game, but LinkedIn’s business-oriented niche allows for influencer marketing opportunities. According to an analysis conducted by Oktopost,
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Content Marketing

Why Should Your Small Business Use Content Marketing?

Whether you own a simple startup or you’re an experienced brand owner, your small business deserves an effective marketing strategy to drive new customers. With content marketing, you’re in control.
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Facebook Ad Strategies

Essential Facebook Ad Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

Running a successful eCommerce Facebook ad campaign can be great for your business, but it doesn’t come without some mild frustrations. As more businesses adopt Facebook as a platform of
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Using LinkedIn to Find New Prospects

Finding new clients is tough and can eat away at precious time and resources. But with a large user base of over 400 million global professionals, LinkedIn makes it easier
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5 Questions To Ask Before Publishing A Landing Page

After weeks of researching, brainstorming, and testing, you’re finally ready to launch a PPC campaign with a new landing page and begin converting visitors into customers. Or are you? Driving
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Creating an Effective Landing Page

Anyone who has ever flown always hopes for a smooth landing. Once the plane hits the ground, passengers feel a sense of relief when we reach the destination. Relative to
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