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5 Questions To Ask Before Publishing A Landing Page

After weeks of researching, brainstorming, and testing, you’re finally ready to launch a PPC campaign with a new landing page and begin converting visitors into customers. Or are you? Driving traffic to your website is paramount, but your landing page closed the PPC loop. Each element in your landing page, including the copy, the call to action, all the way down to the color of the page’s button, should drive home your message and convert every click.

If you’re unsure if you should publish your new landing page, then ask yourself these 5 questions.

1). “Does My Landing Page Lead With a Strong Headline?”

Grabbing your visitor’s attention is priority #1. With very little time to spare, visitors want a confirmation that your landing page matches their search expectations. Your landing page’s headline must showcase your offer loud and clear, letting your customers know you can help solve their problems.

You have one chance at a great first impression, so you want a compelling headline that connects with your visitors. Build trust and confidence with clear, concise and focused headlines that entice visitors to click through to other pages on the site or submit their details through a form.

2). “Is My Landing Page’s CTA Clear?”

A pretty landing page isn’t enough to encourage conversions if it fails to inspire visitors to take action. After all, the main purpose is to transition prospective customers from interest to action. You can increase performance metrics when you spell it out with a clear and concise call-to-action. The easier you make it for visitors to perform an action, the more likely they will act.

If you want visitors to fill out a form, be upfront about what they will receive in exchange for the information they provide. Visitors are fearful of spam, so honesty will help motivate action.

3). Is My Landing Page’s Contact Form Optimized?

No matter how beautiful the design or compelling the copy, a landing page’s efficiency is ultimately tied to your contact form. You want to capture a visitor’s information and convert them into a customer, so be careful about distracting your visitors by asking too many questions? If you don’t need a piece of information, don’t include it in your contact form!

More importantly, your contact form must work. Any time you make a change to a call-to-action button, contact form, or another interactive element, you should retest every element on your page to ensure they all work without a hitch. Nothing is more embarrassing or expensive than launching a paid advertising campaign with a landing page that doesn’t work.

4). “Does My Landing Page Have Distracting Elements?”

Many companies believe that including more features on their landing pages means a higher chance of converting visitors. Stick an extra button here, make another offer over there and your visitors will surely find something valuable to your landing page, right? Wrong! Too much information and too many buttons only distract visitors from performing an action.

Remember, the goal of a landing page is to provide a great experience and help prospects take the next step toward becoming a paying customer. You need to create a pathway that leads visitors to the next stage of your sales funnel, free from distractions.

5). “Is My Landing Page Optimized for Mobile Search?”

Your landing page’s functionality must be mobile friendly. With almost 50% of search volumes coming from smartphones, you can’t afford to have a landing page look wrong, words breaking across lines or tiny contact fields that have to be pinched. If you fail to cater your page to mobile visitors, then you’re already putting yourself at a severe disadvantage for generating the conversions you want. Save yourself from losing valuable customers, and optimize your page with a mobile responsive design.

Launching an Optimized Landing Page

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you probably have to make some changes to your landing pages. If you need help creating an effective landing page, crafting great headlines, or brainstorming a compelling CTA for your next PPC campaign, Premiere Creative is just a phone call or click away! Contact the marketing experts at Premiere Creative and give a call at (973) 346-8100 to help launch new landing page that actually converts. We will see to it that you land on your feet and stay ahead of the competition.