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Author: Melissa Meade

Direct Traffic in Google Analytics

Direct traffic, commonly misinterpreted as bookmarked websites or familiar URLs, takes on a new meaning when you view your website’s traffic using Google Analytics. All of your website’s unrecognized traffic
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SEO Strategy: Google Mobile-First Index

With Google’s release of their mobile-first indexing algorithm, businesses need to place greater emphasis on improving mobile users’ experiences. To remain relevant, a successful SEO strategy must focus on a
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Creating an Effective Landing Page

Anyone who has ever flown always hopes for a smooth landing. Once the plane hits the ground, passengers feel a sense of relief when we reach the destination. Relative to
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SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

Like everything in life, we all want to improve and better ourselves continually. You want to be the best in your industry, and that requires work. If you lack a
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Instagram Algorithms: How They Affect Your News Feed

When scrolling through Instagram, do you ever wonder why you see posts from people you don’t follow? Do you find yourself liking a photo on Instagram and then see it
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Fake Information: The Feeding Frenzy Epidemic

The phrase, “fake it until you make it” used to inspire and motivate us. Now, upon hearing the word fake, we think of “fake news.” Today, however, we see fake
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Getting the Most Out of Google Maps

Who doesn’t love Google? After all, it is the most used search engine worldwide. Google assists us every day by answering our questions, providing driving directions, and even influencing our
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Expanding Your Snapchat Audience

Snapchat empowers us to have fun taking pictures with fun filters and other customization features. Users get to express themselves, and learn about the world and their friends through stories.
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LinkedIn Leads

Promoting Your Brand With LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform with 560 million members. Failing to establish a LinkedIn presence means that you deny yourself the chance to connect with half a billion
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