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Expanding Your Snapchat Audience

Snapchat empowers us to have fun taking pictures with fun filters and other customization features. Users get to express themselves, and learn about the world and their friends through stories. Snapchat recently launched an update in September, sporting an updated design. This new version allows users to subscribe to creators or publishers as you watch their snaps.

Snapchat already encourages us to live and communicate in the moment so why not receive real-time updates from brands and celebrities you care about? On the opposite end of the spectrum, the new Snapchat update allows brands to attract and retain new followers. If you’re new to the popular mobile app, use these tips to help expand your Snapchat audience.

Share Your Snaplink

Snapchat allows users to share their username, or snapcode, on the main dashboard directly next to your trophies. Be sure to include your snapcode in your next email campaign or social media post to attract new followers. Snapchat also has a personalized link that users can share with others. Your audience clicks the link, opening the Snapchat app on their phone before adding you as a friend. Type: and let everyone see your favorite filter and hilarious snaps! You can also display your Snapcode in print at your business or digitally on your website.

Swapping Snaps Face-to-Face

Ever wonder how you would look wearing someone’s face? With Snapchat, you’ll finally get your answer. When in a social setting, seek out others who use Snapchat for some fun. The Snapchat app allows us to take a snap of another person’s snapcode using our phone’s camera. We take a picture of their snapcode, easily adding a friend. Once we swapped snapcodes, we can have fun with the face swap feature. You also have an option of typing usernames to clicking add. Some users may find this easier.

Clicking Your Contacts

On Snapchat, you have an option to add new contacts to your list of followers. The mobile app generates a list of contacts already established from different accounts. Snapchat displays contacts in your virtual phonebook and also captures data from social media and email accounts. Another feature you will see is it expanding beyond your inner circle, reaching even secondary connections. If you only have someone’s email address, you get a chance to engage with them on Snapchat by importing your contacts. This is great because sometimes we forget about all of the connections we have. One thing to note: if a contact changes their phone number, the users who now have that number appear on your list. For privacy reasons, you can refreshing your contacts before venturing down this avenue.

Establish Your Snap Identity

Snapchat allows us to creatively invest in our identity. We can make our profile unique by creating a Bitmoji or a selfie. By selecting our own Snapchat identity, we can standout instead of having the basic white ghost profile picture. To gain an audience, a go-to trademark should be designed using emojis or stickers. Word will spread and you will widen your reach.

Share Your Stories and Selfies

Whether it be through a picture or video, create a story, and use the fun features Snapchat offers. You have different emojis, fonts, and filters as choices. Rather than hashtags, filters serve as a decoration to your story. The popularity of Geofilters and Geofencing has become a business. Users can purchase filters for their events. When attending events, connect with others and view the stories they frame with the event’s filter. In sponsoring a geofilter, you increase brand awareness and engagement. Users will interact and broadcast their stories with your brand.

Shameless Snap Self-Promotion

Who knows us better than we know ourselves? Self-promotion across Snapchat should feel fun and shameless. Post snaps announcing that if someone follows you, you will return the favor. Any stories or selfies can be shared on your other sites. Schedule weekly broadcasts by giving short interviews, industry tips, or a Q&A session to increase engagement. Anyone who appears in your stories can get a shout with their username, which will increase both characters’ audience.

Glance at Your Snap Surroundings

On the dashboard, when you tap the search button, you see events, businesses, and people nearby. This gives you an opportunity to engage and add to your audience. You become more aware of your surroundings and may be interested in visiting some local haunts. Follow local businesses and users nearby, view their stories and see how they maintain their Snapchat presence. The Discover feature in Snapchat presents users with a large following to learn more about their audience and interests. This can increase engagement and gives you an opportunity to share content you care about from influencers or celebrities.

Snap Out of It

In closing, strengthening your Snapchat presence sounds serious; but in all reality, it gives you fun! You do have the ability to advertise, accept Snapcash as a payment, or sponsor a takeover. An influencer can manage your Snapchat account for a given time period when there is a purposeful message to communicate. As you browse social media, you see proof that it is a popular social media platform. Seeing pictures of filtered faces with dog ears is evidence. Snapchat reminds us to take a few minutes out of our day and have fun. Their tagline captures their purpose. “Frame the moment with your own filter.”

Want to stay ahead of other local businesses and need help getting started? Contact the Social Media Experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100! We can help you optimize your company’s Snapchat profile while executing innovative ways to bolster your digital presence. Don’t forget to read through our helpful blog post covering Snapchat Public Profiles.