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Promoting Your Brand With LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Leads

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform with 560 million members. Failing to establish a LinkedIn presence means that you deny yourself the chance to connect with half a billion users who may become a customer one day. Among its many offerings, LinkedIn offers business the opportunity to use targeted advertising. This is simple, self-service advertising where you’re in charge of your content and spending budget.

By creating impactful ads, you remain in complete control of your campaign, allowing your brand to reach new faces and convert them into customers.

Getting Started With LinkedIn Advertising

There are no initial, up-front costs, meaning you can spend whatever you can afford. You spend what you want when you want. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for any start-ups, local businesses, recruiters, or anyone who has reached a plateau with organic growth. With many involved in B2B advertising, this feature can drive growth and expand your brand’s reach new audiences.

That’s not even the best part! LinkedIn offers this service to anyone; you don’t even need to manage an official company page. Instead, you can market your services, your personal brand, or your services directly through your LinkedIn profile. This feature sets LinkedIn apart from other social media platforms like Facebook where you need an official business page in order to reap the benefits of paid advertising. For professionals starting out with more individual connections, LinkedIn advertising can help get their name out until they can establish their own company page, which can become time-consuming.

Introducing LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager

The hub of LinkedIn Advertising is the Campaign Manager, which allows you to organize all of your data, materials, audiences, and budget in one place, providing a seamless experience. Once you make the decision to invest in LinkedIn advertising, you can begin customizing your dashboard. As an added bonus, LinkedIn may email a coupon to help launch your first campaign.

LinkedIn Campaign Types

Now that you’ve set up your campaign manager, you’ll need to select the type of campaign you wish to run. LinkedIn offers two options to choose from based on your goals. The first allows you to drive traffic directly to your website, and measuring view and click conversions. To view this data, simply click through to the Insight Tag to monitor traffic sources. Keep in mind that traffic can take up to 24 hours to verify, so don’t become discouraged if you initially see lower results than you expected. At any given time, you can adjust the campaign. You can amp it up or scale it back. Be mindful of times when traffic is heavy on LinkedIn to drive more results.

The second option lets you take a closer look at your audience. Viewing Audience members’ demographics can provide lead generation insight through measuring conversions.

Setting Up Your LinkedIn Campaign

When setting up your LinkedIn campaign, you must first select the location. A menu of 15 descriptive characteristics becomes available for you to build your targeted audience. These characteristics include job industry, job title, company, and education. The broad selection of demographics helps filter advertising down to drive more results that align with your ideal audience. Are you looking to reach a senior-level associate in the mortgage industry? Or maybe you want to connect with middle management in the fashion industry?

By using LinkedIn’s targeting options, you’ll have more of an opportunity to reach these professionals. Meanwhile, other social networking sites like Facebook only provides a measly five demographic choices, requires a company page to use. What sounds better: 15 options or 5 options? You don’t need to be a math wizard to know that can achieve higher levels of success through LinkedIn advertising.

Are you looking to connect your business with professionals through LinkedIn advertising? Give us a call at (973) 346-8100 and let the social media experts at Premiere Creative help you set up your first LinkedIn campaign. Contact us today to begin building your brand’s online presence today!