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Getting the Most Out of Google Maps

Who doesn’t love Google? After all, it is the most used search engine worldwide. Google assists us every day by answering our questions, providing driving directions, and even influencing our purchasing decisions. With Google, you can begin to type food, like pizza, and local pizzerias will appear under “pizza near me.” Typing a few letters gives us a list of places with ratings nearby to satisfy our cravings.

Success Through Google Reviews: How Businesses Can Make Their Mark

Have you ever recommended a restaurant to a friend or colleague? Sometimes we forget the name and say, “it starts with a B.” We then take out our trusty Smartphone and look up restaurants until we find the place on the tip of our tongue. We visit that restaurant because it was one of the first results on Google Maps. However, sometimes, we wonder if it is the exact restaurant referred. It could have poor service, high prices, or unappealing food. Businesses on the first page of Google have the highest visibility. The first page is the trusted resource, and 90% of users do not visit the 2nd page.

Much thought must go into a Google Local strategy. You can begin by thinking of your customers. When a client is disappointed, what actions do they take? They rate and write reviews on Facebook, Google, or Yelp. They may tweet, or even post on Instagram. Your SEO description and business information are essential, but it takes some extra work to build and promote your business.

Develop Your Profiles on Other Location Sharing Platforms

Don’t concentrate solely on Google Maps. Third party sites still need this information too. Trust us; you’ll want to be the one to fill in this information, not an irate customer. While researching new places to visit, some users rely on apps and sites such as Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, MapQuest, Apple Maps, Yellow Pages, and Waze. A presence on these platforms allows you to spread your reach outside of Google, granting you the most exposure and builds your legitimacy as a business.

Stay Social on Social Media

Managing profiles and business pages can become overwhelming. However, ignoring social media may cause you to lose your standing with local customers. Facebook, in particular, can help you increase engagement, so begin by creating a business page with all of your necessary information and pictures. You can spark some buzz and a sense of excitement with intriguing posts, so don’t forget to post daily updates to showcase your talents and products. Finally, grow your fan base by inviting other like-minded people to follow your page. While Facebook may be a great free marketing tool, you still need to do the work and make the community aware of what you offer.

If you have a social media budget in place, you can try experimenting with paid Facebook advertising. You do not have to pay for advertising unless you want to, but you can engage the audience and post content.

You do not need to limit yourself to Facebook. Since your audience may be hiding on other platforms, consider building a presence on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Alignable, and LinkedIn. Post pictures and videos on each of these platforms to showcase your brand and personality. Who knows? You may get great connections in your community and cross-promotional opportunities.

Local Newspapers Still Circulate

In reflecting current behavioral trends, journalism expanded beyond print and onto the digital platform. Who said journalism was dead? Get in touch with local newspapers and form relationships with trusted media contacts. You can run a promotion either in print or on their website for customers to experience what your company has to offer. Discounts also drive sales so choose a coupon with a percentage off or dollars off.

Other Local Media Outlets

It cannot hurt to have a media kit on retainer that you can send to various outlets. In particular, radio stations and news stations can be helpful. Some stations will broadcast from your business location and stream online. Some offer spots in the studio or on set to promote your products or services. The content gets rebroadcasted throughout the day and captures an expanded audience.

Become a Member of Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Often, they will hold ribbon cutting ceremonies and networking events which are an excellent opportunity for publicity. They will post the pictures on different websites and communicate local events. Also, research if there are professional networking groups with in-person meet ups. Despite a digital age, these face-to-face encounters prove invaluable because you can build great relationships with other local businesses. These relationships may result in partnerships or potential customers.

Spy on the Competition

Study your competition’s online presence and the methods they use to connect with their customers. Assessing their gains and opportunities can help make your brand stronger. Remember what may work for others may not work for you.

In Content We Trust

Write a weekly blog. Share every blog post to all social accounts. Create a subscription list for visitors to sign up for special offers. Sending out email campaigns is simple. Google and MailChimp are two services to assist. If you want to strengthen or build trust with customers, make sure your content remains consistent across social media channels. Different people have different preferences and do not want to chase you on every platform. You cannot miss a chance to communicate your message or have content misconstrued.

Franchises Need Special Attention

Businesses may be corporate or individually owned. The local search element is critical in Google Maps. Clearly, state the specific location and use points of interest to direct traffic to you. Start by searching for your company on Google. Pay close attention to your website’s search appearance and visibility on Google Maps. Did your site appear on the first page of Google? If you are struggling, you cannot stay stagnant. If you are satisfied with the results, keep building your online profiles. If what you are doing is working, do not stop. Actively ask your audience for feedback through polls on Facebook or your website. If you exert the effort and are persistent, you plot not only your location on Google Maps but also your success online.

Want to stay ahead of other local businesses and need help getting started? Contact the SEO experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100! We can help you optimize your social media profiles and develop new ways to strengthen your digital presence.