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Retention Email Marketing

Research shows that it costs four to seven times more to gain a new customer than it costs to keep an existing one. That being said, it’s important to actively communicate with your existing customers and a great way to do that is through retention email marketing.

Businesses, especially those operating in highly competitive markets and rely on their existing customers to continue using their products and services, can surely tell you how important retention email marketing is. Retention marketing is often used by mobile phone companies, cable television services and credit card companies because it’s an effective way to retain their customers.

What is email marketing? Retention email marketing is a form of internet marketing through email. Retention is the idea of keeping your current customers, which is crucial for any business.  Customer loyalty can make or break your business, which is why any business should make use of their database and email marketing. Even combining email marketing with other forms of online marketing can boost your marketing campaign and create a very powerful strategy.

Before you build your email marketing campaign, you should learn about the value and ROI it will bring your business. Your business can increase revenue in a number of different ways. Since email is one of the most inexpensive and effective channels to reach customers, email marketing is a great way to communicate. You can also increase your profits by targeting specific customers (highly profited) and design a strategic campaign specifically for them.

Building monthly email marketing campaigns based on specific products and services your customers show a liking for will build their loyalty. Selling new products and services through promotions and periodic offers can help open up your customers to new ideas.