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Acquisition Marketing and Retention Marketing

Email marketing has become part of any business communication. In order to reach customers online, you should have a newsletter, website and use email messages to send targeted and useful content to consumers (existing and non-existing customers). Email marketing is a great technique for internet marketing.

Acquisition marketing and retention marketing can both be used through email marketing campaigns, but there’s a slight difference. Acquisition marketing is the idea of marketing and developing strategies to acquire new customers. Retention marketing involves marketing to existing customers. To keep customers as continued customers strategically marketing your products and business will keep them on your radar. Marketing your business will help increase the usage of your company’s services.

Acquisition marketing targets potential consumers that aren’t yet within the company. Through internet marketing and email direct marketing, you can introduce your company, it’s product and services and strategically influence them to see what you’re all about. Retention marketing helps build customer loyalty while driving revenue from your current customers. Based on data you may already have, you can build your newsletter marketing campaigns around customer behavior and design an effective newsletter.

All companies need some form of acquisition and retention marketing to keep their business growing – whether it’s in the form of internet marketing or not. Acquisition marketing brings in new customers, while retention marketing keeps your current ones. Both help increase business profit and ensure continued growth. It’s important to build your retention email direct marketing campaigns around existing customer data and do enough research on your target audience for any acquisition newsletter marketing campaigns.