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Effective Email Marketing Strategy

After recognizing the value and ROI of retention newsletter marketing campaigns, you’re ready to build an effective internet marketing strategy. It’s important to plan ahead and build out your campaign so you’re prepared for what’s to come. A few things to keep in mind for your marketing strategy:

Setting Objectives

Be sure your customers can act on your newsletter marketing campaigns. What do you want them to do? There’s no doubt you want your business to make money from any type of marketing, but think strategically. What do you want to put in your emails? Certain product/promotion you want to push? How often will you be sending emails? To whom are you sending emails?

Segment Your Email Addresses

By dividing your email list can be beneficial to both you and your customers. Instead of building a broad email newsletter marketing campaign, divide your list into segments and build smaller, more targeted newsletters based upon similar customer interests, demographics, or other behavioral characteristics. More defined segments can result in better email response.

Planning Your Email Campaign

After setting objectives and segmenting your email address, you’re ready to build your email newsletter marketing themes. Begin by defining your budget, developing your subject line and overall theme, then focus on the creative and design. Once you’ve built your email, be sure to test it (think about all the ways it could go wrong and test), then once ready, execute.

Gathering email tracking data

Once your email marketing campaign has been released, you can track data. Depending on the type of HTML you used, you can have your programmer track emails. If you used a service such as Constant Contact or Envision, they will track your data for you. You want to make sure you can view bounced emails, who opened your email, what links were clicked, unsubscribers and forwards

Understanding tracking data

To make sense of your tracking results, be sure to discuss your email campaign with your web marketing firm.

Building an email marketing campaign may take time, but after your ROI kicks in, you’ll be sure to continue your retention marketing. It’s important to maintain your current customers as they’re the ones who continue to bring you business.