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Premiere Creative’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2016

Top Social Media Blogs of 2016

2016 is winding down, but with 76% of Americans reported to be on social media this year, the digital world is spinning faster than one can tweet, pin, post or share! As the year comes to a close, it is necessary to reflect on the success of 2016 by sharing the top social media insights that have helped shape 2016 as well as marketing tools we use daily at Premiere Creative. Ring in the New Year with our Top 10 Social Media blogs of 2016.

1. Tips For Using Social Media at Trade Shows

Did you know trade shows can use social media to create a major buzz and best connect all who attend? Through the use of a ubiquitous hash tag, or other content identifiers, attendees can spark conversations and connect with vendors, brands and network on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Venue’s and Trade shows generally have their own social media handles and hash tags, which can be valuable. In this blog we show you how to monitor and use them coupled with capitalizing on pre show buzz and heightening engagement to bring a following. If you plan on attending a trade show, read our blog before your next event.

2. Snapchat for Small Businesses

Small businesses often face challenges navigating Snapchat, especially when it comes to creating engaging content to raise brand awareness for a product or service. Let us show you why small businesses should use Snapchat and master how it can be a valuable tool in your overall social media marketing strategy to reach millennials, as well as gain loyal customers who appreciate your products and services.

3. Why Your Facebook Ads Are Failing

Over 25 million small businesses integrate Facebook into their digital marketing strategy. Facebook appeals to many digital marketers because it possesses a powerful marketing tool, the Facebook Ads feature. If you are patiently waiting to see a spike in numbers, you may be in for a disappointment. This blog is a perfect resource for those curious as to why your Facebook ads are not producing intended results.

4. How to Optimize Pinterest for Business

More than 100 million regular users log into Pinterest daily. This particular social networking site allows users to organize, share and store pictures that they find meaningful. In addition, users can arrange shared posts to their liking on their own boards in the form of categories, as well as share this content with like-minded individuals. For businesses looking to be part of an active sharing community, let us show you how to optimize Pinterest for your business.

5. How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

With a creative strategy and a modest budget, there are several easy ways to promote a business page to attract ideal customers and strengthen your presence on Facebook. From polls to boosts and monitoring organic reach, learn how to make your page likes increase with our tactics for social media success.

6. 5 Ways to Build Loyal Twitter Followers

If you do not have a Twitter business account, we advise you to reconsider. Twitter is a crucial networking platform that not only allows you to connect with customers, but also connect and network with like-minded people in your industry. Our social media team will share with you 5 social media insights, which will help attract new followers, retain existing ones all to make you reconsider using Twitter.

7. How Businesses Can Increase Facebook Engagement

Have you noticed your Facebook posts may not be receiving stellar engagement? Or perhaps they aren’t generating enough traffic to your websites. By reading our blog you will gain insight to helpful and proven tips to grow fan engagement on your Facebook business page and foster a loyal fan following.

8. Best Ways To Post Content on LinkedIn

Whether you utilize LinkedIn to gain professional knowledge from experts in your industry or to facilitate vital connections, it is easy to feel as though your company is invisible. From a business standpoint, once your company page is completed, the only measurement potential connections have to gage your company is by your content. If you want to know how a company can use content to better connect and ultimately generate more business, this blog is for you.

9. Using Instagram For Your Medical Practice

Instagram is a great way to get your medical practice in front of thousands, or potentially millions of people. Your potential patients are on Instagram, so you should be as well. We have provided insights to help incorporate Instagram into your healthcare marketing strategy as well identified important factors, which will better facilitate engagement in order to reach potential customers and have them consult your medical practice.

10. How Social Media Can Help You Reach More Moms

With 75% of online parents using it: 88% of moms, Facebook leads social media as the number one most frequently used platform among parents. Social media networks offer moms a means through which to connect with their networks over a range of human experiences. In this blog you will learn how to create more engaging content to better connect with this demographic.

Closing 2016

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to rebuild your company’s website, run a successful PPC campaign, gain a loyal social media following, climb the ranks of Google or provide your readers with insightful blogs, contact us at Premiere Creative to help better your business in 2017. Or, feel free to reach out and give us a call at (973) 346-8100. We wish you a happy New Year in all your business endeavors. Make sure to check out our next round-up, in which we’ll explore the Top SEO blogs of 2016.