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Simple Tips for Boosting Your Amazon Sales

Amazon Sales

With a commanding force in the eCommerce market, every digital seller should eagerly jump on the Amazon bandwagon. With access to a massive 310 million active users, failing to dip into the Amazon pool does your business a disservice. But getting approved to sell on the eCommerce titan is only half of the equation; you still need buyers to find you.

Nearly 2 million companies already have Amazon storefronts, so your product can get lost in a sea of competitors. Yet with some strategy and preparation, overtaking rival merchants is possible. Check out these tips your business can follow to augment Amazon sales.

Build an Amazon Storefront

By constructing a storefront on Amazon, companies configure customized web pages within Amazon that spotlight and categorize products for convenient browsing. Shoppers that search for a company, or click on their brand name on a listing, will land on that company’s storefront.

An Amazon Storefront provides teams with the perfect opportunity to entice shoppers to transact. No competitor listings will appear on the storefront. Furthermore, companies can customize Amazon storefronts with logos and images, as well as add an ‘about’ section and product tabs. Get creative with it; more shoppers will want to engage with compelling designs.

Harness SEO for More Amazon Sales

Aspiring Amazon sellers must add Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to the marketing docket. SEO-friendly PDPs (Product Display Pages) are the key to bringing listings to the top of Amazon’s search rankings. But designing SEO-friendly Amazon PDPs extends far beyond crafting compelling marketing copy. In fact, you can fine-tune every aspect of your ASIN to maximize organic rankings on product queries.

Going the organic route may prove more challenging, but organic growth will unlock rewards that paid advertising cannot supply. Rather than dipping into your budget for Amazon PPC ads, strong organic ranks will attract visitors naturally. Here are a few tips you can apply to your existing PDPs.

Choose Bullet Points Over Paragraphs

It may seem tempting to write a giant paragraph or two for your product description. We get it; you don’t want to omit any of your product’s awesome details. Such a glut of words can overwhelm readers; meanwhile, others may get annoyed skimming through the paragraphs to find key information.

Instead, use bullets for your product description to break up the text, starting each point with a primary selling point. This quick fix to your description improves readability and encourages customers to engage further with the product, increasing the product’s organic ranking each time.

Use SEO-Friendly Title & Copy

Your product’s title and description are two of the most important driving factors for superior Amazon SEO. The title’s the easy part; list your key selling points, especially ones that you expect — or know — shoppers will type verbatim into the Amazon search bar. The sales copy is just as vital; remember to disperse keywords throughout your PDP to boost the product’s organic ranking.

Conduct Keyword Research

On the topic of keywords, these phrases will unlock even more success on Amazon. Weaving the right keywords in your title and product descriptions will help you remain competitive in your category. Amazon’s Sonar tool can help you discover relevant keywords for your product or market. You may also want to add the Helium10 keyword tool to your arsenal. This awesome feature guides sellers in identifying the best keyword combinations, alongside other rewards like optimizing your product listings.

Alternatively, you can evaluate the keywords your competitors use and then steal their rankings. Finally, don’t forget to include these keywords in your listing’s backend to further enhance your product’s organic ranking for these phrases.

Amazon Marketing Case Study – HexClad Cookware

Looking for compelling evidence of how strategic Amazon presence can skyrocket your sales? HexClad Cookware’s remarkable success story is a testament to the potential waiting to be harnessed. With a history of direct-to-consumer sales, HexClad joined forces with Premiere Creative and embraced Amazon’s Brand Registry program. In 2022, their debut year as a registered brand on Amazon, their sales surged to an impressive $36 million. Fast forward to 2023, and they’re poised to exceed $85 million in sales.

HexClad’s unique hybrid cookware, seamlessly blending stainless steel, cast iron durability, and nonstick convenience, resonated with consumers, driving this explosive growth. The HexClad case underscores the transformative impact of strategic Amazon optimization. Don’t let your brand miss out on Amazon’s potential as a sales powerhouse. Whether you’re a startup or an established player, Amazon offers a unique platform for remarkable expansion. Leverage our expertise to unlock your brand’s Amazon journey today.

Promoting Your Amazon Storefront

Just like any other eCommerce platform or brick-and-mortar establishment, your Amazon storefront needs to have a solid marketing strategy in place. Try using some of these tactics to accelerate your growth on Amazon.

Leverage Amazon Reviews

Think back to your own purchasing behaviors; do you hastily hit that Add-to-Cart button the moment you discover a suitable item? Definitely not! Like any savvy buyer, you skim through the reviews to see if the merchandise is worth the dollars.

Amazon places immense importance on customer reviews. ASINs with at least four stars tend to see more transactions. So, reaching that review benchmark becomes paramount for solidifying your product’s ranking and, more importantly, its reputation. To get there, take reviews seriously. Give feedback to customers’ complaints and questions, as future shoppers may ignore a poor review if you can offer a thoughtful response.

If you realize that some ASINs struggle to garner reviews from customers, consider partnering with a certified Reviewer through Amazon Vine. By enrolling in the Vine program, you can send products to Amazon-selected reviewers in exchange for an honest review.

Use the Right Images

You want to dazzle prospective shoppers with a beautiful, vibrant showcase of color and polish that draws their attention. Utilizing photographs that portray your product as clearly and vividly as possible will increase visitors’ interest in its functionality. As you plan your imagery, take note of Amazon’s technical image requirements, including size, color, and file type.

Remember, your images are an instant visual indicator of your product’s quality. This works both ways, of course; Amazon shoppers may assume that low-quality pictures are synonymous with unreliable products or fraud. To that end, we recommend uploading images that depict your product from various angles. The images you feature on your product listing should seek to answer any question on a customer’s mind, which is vital for skeptical consumers who feel wary of products that only look sharp from the front.

Never Ignore Videos

Videos provide an outlet to inform customers about your product in a way that photographs cannot always achieve; do not overlook them. While a few pictures may be enough for simple products, you may want to consider attaching videos to your product as well. These can be as simple as showcasing videos of your product in use to show off its functionality. Think about questions shoppers may have about the product that you could not fit into the product description or additional features that look more impressive on camera than in writing.

Generate Impressions with Amazon Posts

Mirroring social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Amazon Posts serve up product listings in a digestible, easy-to-scroll format. Companies can schedule a series of Amazon Posts, in which product catalogs will appear in a post format, making it easy for curious shoppers to scroll through their entire product lineup.

Social media-savvy shoppers will enjoy the aesthetic, but many customers will value the convenience. By presenting your products in a simple, eye-catching manner, shoppers may have a listing catch their attention and click on the full product page for additional information. Amazon Posts are also a terrific way to build brand loyalty, as they provide a quick and straightforward way for shoppers to follow your brand, much like they would on social media.

Enjoy Extra Amazon Sales on Prime Day

While Prime Day only occurs a few times every year, sellers should look to capitalize on each event before crunch time arrives. During this sales extravaganza, Amazon offers shoppers discounts on a vast array of items in every product category for 48 hours (about 2 days). The day is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure in your category and rack up sales.

Plan your discounts and manage your product inventory ahead of time; the in-the-moment sales and long-term brand awareness that can result from a successful Prime Day are excellent ways to dominate your product category.

Grow Your Amazon Sales with Exclusive Marketing Tools

Amazon offers valuable platform-exclusive tools. These include a litany of data analytics tools, which all serve unique purposes depending on your market and the number of product listings. One standout platform tool is the A+ content feature, which allows teams to upload higher-quality multimedia to ASINs. Upgrading to an A+ listing allows you to add more images, copy in your product description, and pre-made modules to help your listing pop. A+ content can improve review frequency, highlight your best products, and supercharge your brand’s long-term SEO efforts. You can file to upgrade a listing to A+ through Seller Central, which Amazon must approve.

Boosting Your Amazon Sales with Premiere Creative

When it comes to selling on Amazon, these tips are paramount in positioning your products competitively. Yet these tactics are merely the tip of the iceberg. Becoming a top seller in your category requires advanced knowledge of Amazon SEO, as well as proficiency in Seller Central. Handling and understanding all these elements can be overwhelming, especially if you want your Amazon presence to be as competitive as possible.

Long-term success on Amazon relies on a team of skilled eCommerce specialists. At Premiere Creative, our digital marketing experts help clients expand and perfect their eCommerce optimization on Amazon. Whether you are looking to improve your business’ presence, performance, or position on Amazon, Premiere Creative has the team and the tools to surpass your Amazon goals.

Give us a call at (973) 346-8100 today to discover how we can help your business achieve that long-term Amazon prosperity.