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Using Helium 10 to Dominate Amazon’s Marketplace

Get ready to take your Amazon Marketing to the next level with Helium 10! With over 564 million products sold in the U.S. marketplace, Amazon dominates the eCommerce industry due to robust product offerings and unbeatably low prices. Selling and advertising products on Amazon isn’t an easy feat, especially when dealing with global 1P and 3P sellers. From maintaining an optimized storefront and PDPs to allocating sufficient inventory to Amazon FBA, Amazon 1P & 3P sellers can end up eating away at marketing budgets that fail to cover all bases.

Luckily, Helium10 helps Amazon sellers discover new product ideas and uncover effective ways to reach customers with a deluxe suite of easy-to-use software. Although Amazon 1P & 3P sellers can probably leverage many free tools online, most third-party research tools fail to live up to Helium10’s extensive capabilities. Comprised of 20+ different Amazon-based tools, Helium10 can support ongoing Amazon efforts in four core areas: Product Research, Keyword Research, Listing Optimization, and Ongoing Maintenance.

Let’s examine Helium10’s many offerings a bit further.

Helium 10 Cerebro

Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that tells Amazon 1P & 3P sellers everything they need to know about a product’s viability on Amazon. This lets sellers find everything competitors rank for and gauge the competition. For instance, Cerebro will generate a list of the best-selling or most-popular products competing with your brand.

Helium 10 Cerebro

Aside from an extensive list of high-quality keywords, Amazon sellers can also access valuable data such as:

  • Amazon Recommended Rank: Number of keywords that Amazon recommends for this ASIN.
  • Competing Products: An estimation of the other products that appear on the results for a specific ASIN.
  • IQ Score: A number that compares monthly searches to competing products. The higher the score, the better results brands will see.
  • Match type: Source of the keyword, whether organic, paid or Amazon recommended.
  • Organic Rank: The organic search position detected for the keyword.
  • Search Volume: The number of times users type in specific keywords each month.
  • Sponsored ASIN: The number of ASINs recently running sponsored ads for a specific keyword.
  • Sponsored Rank: The tool can detect the most recent sponsored ad position.

Inventory Protector

The Cerebro Product Rank giveaway method is the best way to rank on page 1. However, you may need to resolve one annoying scenario that can impede your entire FBA efforts: Inventory gouging. Say you’re running a promo a 10% off. What’s to stop someone from buying 100 units and emptying your inventory? Helium10’s Inventory Protector! This lets you set a product limit, so your inventory stays safe.

Inventory Management – Get Your Stock Just Right

Helium’s powerful tools come packed with advanced features that will help Amazon 1P & 3P sellers to fine-tune product research by validating potential product opportunities, making informed sourcing decisions, planning for seasonality, estimating profits, optimizing PDP listings, revolutionizing competitor research, and much more.

Hijacker Alert

The last thing any brand needs is someone to buy a bogus product from a hijacker and craft a scathing review. When scammers try to jump on an Amazon listing and sell knockoff products, Hijacker Alert sends the brand a notification so they can Amazon and prevent any further issues.

Helium 10 Magnet

Magnet is an SEO keyword research tool for Amazon 1P & 3P sellers with the largest database of high-volume Amazon keywords with low competition that customers use across the globe. First, enter a “seed” keyword, and then Magnet will suggest related terms, helping to uncover even more organic easy traffic opportunities – mostly unknown to the stiff competition.

Helium 10 Magnet

After searching for up to 200 keywords at a time, sellers can use the new keyword data to optimize product titles and descriptions, as well as bullet points. Through Helium’s Magnet tool, Amazon 1P & 3P sellers can also find and pick out “actionable” or “intentional” keywords (the ones that prompt the most visitors to click on them). Furthermore, Amazon Seller can also use the nifty tool to spy on the competition by identifying any competing products related to the terms on keyword lists.

Refund Genie

Sometimes Amazon can make a mistake—whether that entails a damaged product or an incorrect delivery. While buyers can request a refund, tracking these occurrences can quickly become a headache. Refund Genie taps into Amazon 1P & 3P accounts and notifies sellers whenever there’s a good chance of encountering a refund.

Helium 10 Frankenstein

Helium’s Frankenstein tool also helps Amazon sellers optimize their keyword lists. Other tools—like Cerebro and Magnet—will yield extensive keyword lists. But more doesn’t always mean better because those tools also provide negative keywords that sellers will need to manage and sort through.

Helium 10 Frankenstein

Luckily, the Frankenstein tool streamlines the process by eliminating all the useless modifiers like “for” or “with,” leaving behind the keywords that will ultimately prove useful in driving more sales.

Keyword Rank Tracker

Keywords are the name of the SEO game. Every time a sale occurs on Amazon, the algorithm will give a “ranking boost” to each of the keywords in a brand’s listing. Monitoring keyword progress is the best way to stay motivated and focused on generating sales. The Keyword Rank Tracker tracks keywords so Amazon sellers can see the current (and historical) ranking.

Through Helium’s Keyword Rank Tracker tool, 1P and 3p sellers will receive insightful metrics to fully understand Amazon SEO health and how to outrank the competition.

  • Organic Rank: The position in organic search results the tracked product appears for specific phrases.
  • Sponsored Rank: The position in sponsored results the tracked product appears for the given keyword.
  • Rank Average: The average ranking position of all tracked competitors for this Amazon keyword.
  • Ranking ASINs: The number of tracked ASINs ranked in any position for this keyword.
  • Relative Rank: An ASIN’s rank in comparison to a competitor’s listing.

So, whether a brand tracks their products’ keywords or their competitors’, this tool lets Amazon specialists keep an eye on which keywords have (or continue to have) the power to increase product visibility and sales.

Helium 10 Black Box

Blackbox is Helium 10’s niche research tool. It lets sellers drill down to the granular details to find lucrative product opportunities based on strict criteria like competition, monthly sales, and search volume. Essentially, the Block Box tool can identify a specific product that customers are looking to buy, but few merchants are selling.

Helium 10 Blackbox

Amazon 1P & 3P sellers can use the following filters to ascertain the best results:

  • Monthly Revenue: How much monthly profit the brand will see from a particular Amazon product.
  • Monthly Sales: The number of product units sold per month on average.
  • Pricing: You’ll want some middle ground here; prices shouldn’t be too expensive or cheap.
  • The Number of Amazon Sellers: The fewer Amazon sellers you’re up against, the more likely you will secure a niche.
  • Title Keywords: Proving effective for SEO purposes, Amazon sellers can mark specific keywords they want to appear in product keyword titles.

What About the Helium 10 Chrome Extension?

Helium 10 is like a holy grail for Amazon advertisers because the service contains the necessary tools to boost sales and strategize ways to bolster existing Amazon rankings. In addition to the tools available on the Helium 10 dashboard, brands can download the user-friendly extension on Google Chrome. Here’s a general snapshot of the 6 integrated Amazon tools that the Helium 10 chrome extension contains.

1) X-Ray

Helium’s powerful Chrome Extension product research tool, Xray, reveals crucial, highly accurate, market data including vital information such as estimated monthly revenue, price, reviews, and trends to help you validate winning product opportunities. Xray also gives offers access to over 450 million ASINs, which lets Amazon 1P & 3P sellers find the product that best suits their specific needs.

2) ASIN Grabber

The ASIN Grabber helps Amazon 1P & 3P sellers conduct superior strategic product research and competitive research to find that hot-selling product for next year or for a specific holiday or season. This Chrome Extension tool gives Amazon 1P & 3P sellers a snapshot of key estimated data for any given day and the ability to pull top-selling ASINs for specific keywords.

3) Profitability Calculator

This tool helps Amazon 1P & 3P sellers to quickly calculate what matters most in any business: the profit margin. Thus, remember toenter key factors such as product weight, dimensions, unit manufacturing, freight costs, and FBA fees to estimate profits. This will automatically show up on Amazon product pages after installing the Chrome Extension.

4) Inventory Levels

For any seller searching for an easy-to-use, efficient inventory checker, look no further than Helium 10’s Amazon seller extension tool. Helium 10’s FREE Chrome extension tool doesn’t just help private label sellers, any seller, including wholesalers and online arbitrage sellers, can benefit from using the inventory Level tool.

5) Review Downloader

In mere seconds, Review Downloader allows Amazon 1P & 3P sellers to sort and export hundreds (even thousands) of competitor reviews to uncover valuable customer insights and spot issues with existing products. These insights will help Amazon 1P & 3P sellers to create differentiated products that are better than the competition by learning from their mistakes.

6) Listing Health Score

Helium 10’s Listing Health Score provides a technical checklist for a product’s optimization efforts. Uncover your competitors standing with a cumulative score of their listing or discover points of improvement for your own.

Take Command of Your Amazon Listing with Helium 10

If you are an Amazon 1P or 3P struggling to maximize the velocity of the Amazon marketplace, feel free to get in touch with the Premiere Creative team. With support from Helium 10’s deluxe suite of services, our Amazon specialists can help your brand create optimized product titles, enhance existing bullet points, produce keyword-rich product descriptions, and deploy a unique strategy to boost your ranking on Amazon’s marketplace. Dial (973) 346-8100 to start growing your Amazon sales today.