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The Top Social Media Platforms for Marketing in 2023


Social media is more important than ever in accessing pop culture, news access, and marketing. Social media marketing proved extremely effective for multiple big and small companies such as Coca-Cola, Overtone, Dollar Shave Club, and Lego. There are so many companies that would not be where they are today without social media marketing. If you look at some of these companies on their different platforms, you will notice that they are not posting the same thing in each place, but why?

Each social media platform works differently and caters to different people, which means users need to figure out how to use each platform differently. But how do you learn how to post for a specific platform? And what if you do not want to post on all of them? How do you figure out which one is right for you? Let us examine a handful of the most popular social media sites.


Facebook is known as the social media for “Boomers,” even though the average user is 40.5 years old. It is one of the oldest social media platforms still in use since its creation in 2004, and people often use it to stay connected with old friends and colleagues. Facebook also allows for Groups, where people connect to talk about different topics from kitchen design to adopting pets.

Both personal and business profiles are easy and free to create, which means you can use the platform to market your company without paying a dime. You can increase your chances of being seen by potential customers by buying ads and telling Facebook to send them to your target customers’ feeds. Pictures, videos, articles, and text can be posted and shared with your friends. Advertising on Facebook can help people become aware of your business and potentially become followers as well as customers.


Instagram is known as the social media for Millennials and users are usually in the age range of 18-34. As a sister platform to Facebook, information can be shared between the two platforms, and Stories can be uploaded to both at once with the simple tap of a button. Instagram is used to stay connected with friends, but it has transformed into a space full of picture-perfect influencers, as well as a business storefront. Pictures and Reels of all kinds can be shared with followers privately or publicly. Just like Facebook, personal, creator, and business profiles are easy and free to create.

Instagram has an even split between male and female users who are always looking for fresh, current trends and businesses. Instagram ads, although paid for, are easy to create and can send traffic to your profile and website. There is also a sea of influencers willing to help promote what you are selling for a small fee in return. Business accounts can find creator accounts that they think will complement their brand, or if you find an influencer you would like to work with, send them a DM to try to get in touch.


Snapchat is used mostly by Millennials and Gen Z. Snapchat is a vastly different type of platform in the way that only followers can see your content, and it is mostly used for direct messaging. Stories can be posted for all your followers to see, but they disappear within 24 hours. This is the best platform for more traditional, billboard-like, ads. Free business profiles can be created and ads starting at $5 can be placed between users’ Stories and Snapchat feeds. Links and deals can be embedded in ads, so it is easy for users to get from Snapchat to your website.

This is most like traditional advertising because you simply publish ads while other platforms need a little more upkeep, as all posts are visible on your feed unless it is deleted. There is also a feature where a brand can create ads in the form of filters so users can take selfies with your ad. You cannot simply go to your Snapchat profile and see each of the ads you have posted like on Instagram or Facebook, but users can go to a business’s profile and click links to send them to websites.


TikTok is known to be the social media platform for Gen Z and its average user is 10-29 years old. TikTok is different from its competitors like Instagram and Facebook not only in its layout and content but also in how its users utilize it. It tends to be a little less picture-perfect and more relaxed and fun. On TikTok, it is easier to create a more personal connection between business and customer since the content created ends up being more authentic simply because of the format.

Users create and share short-form videos which can be more time-consuming to create. TikTok is full of fun and easy to produce trends using sounds and filters. Brands are bound to find content creators and influencers that would be great at promoting for them because of their sheer quantity. TikTok is full of big and small businesses that are getting more attention on TikTok than they ever thought they would. There is so much potential for businesses of all kinds on TikTok due to its fantastic versatility.

What Social Media App Will Your Brand Use?

The main question you should always ask yourself is, “Who do I want to market to?” Each of these platforms caters to audiences that have different wants and needs. What type of person do you want to buy what you are selling? Do you find your customers are most like the users on Facebook or TikTok?

If you are unsure where you may find your customer, there is no need to worry. Premiere Creative can help with all of that and more! Contact us for social media marketing today at (973) 346-8100 and get started today! Also, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn.