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Amazon A+ Content: Drive More Sales on Your PDP

Welcome to Premiere Creative, an ACoS-driven Amazon agency that produces superior results through an innovative suite of Amazon advertising services and strategies, including A+ content. Founded in 1994, Premiere Creative’s team of Amazon consultants and account managers has helped FBA and FBM online sellers build their brand and improve profit margins. As the best Amazon marketing agency in the NYC Tri-state area, Premiere Creative can support your business by maximizing profits on Amazon’s 1P and 3P platforms.

More than 56% of all online product searches begin on Amazon. As Amazon’s eCommerce ubiquity continues to grow, it will become increasingly important to decrease your ACoS through your Seller and Vendor accounts. Due to Amazon’s hyper-competitive marketplace, growing a successful brand requires a near perfect PDP to help you stand out from competitors in your niche industry. Start overtaking your rivals by harnessing Amazon A+ content.

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ is critical to accelerate your flywheel and drive more clicks to your “Add to Cart” button. Originally released as a paid service, “Enhanced Branded Content,” all brand-registered Amazon sellers and vendors can now sign up for Amazon A+ content. This free program allows sellers to supercharge their product display pages (PDP) with eye-catching visuals and more content that will drive brand affinity, cross-promote related products, and better convey your product’s value.

Simple Amazon listings only have seven pictures, five bullet points, and a product description. But with Amazon’s A+ content, you get the opportunity to add extra images, richer copy, and comparison charts to confidently address any product concerns customers may have.

What Type of Content Does Amazon A+ Support?

A+ Content is module-based, so no two Amazon PDP pages should ever look the same. You can freely decide which modules you want to use, and where to place them to visually communicate your brand’s unique story. While the basic option allows you to share images and text, Premium A+ Content gives you far more creative flexibility.

Basic A+ Capabilities

  • Include up to 5 modules
  • 13 pre-made modules to choose from
  • All modules are static
  • Can include images and text

Premium (A++)

  • Include up to 7 modules
  • 18 pre-made modules to chose from
  • Dynamic, interactive modules with HD images available
  • Modules 50% larger than basic modules
  • Integrated high definition (720p) videos
  • Interactive content like 360° product views, comparison charts, testimonials, and cross-selling videos
  • Robust FAQs listing to clear any confusion and increase trust with an engaging layout

The Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Amazon A+ content grabs shoppers’ attention because it relies on enriched multimedia content like HD images and videos to showcase your products. Enriched multimedia content has proven to improve user experience, which drives higher conversions to your Amazon PDP. Other benefits to using Amazon A+ content include:

  • Promote Your Best Products: Through eye-catching visuals, shoppers get a detailed look at your product before they make a purchase, allowing them to hit that “buy” button with confidence.
  • More Amazon Reviews: Listings with Amazon A+ content tend to receive more Amazon reviews.
  • Improved Readability: With bright images and detailed text, A+ Content is naturally easier to skim.
  • See Higher Sales: According to Amazon data, using A+ content can boost sales anywhere from 3% to 10%.
  • Amazon SEO: Giving your PDP a makeover with A+ content increases your discoverability on while reducing your ACoS.

Amazon A+ Content Best Practices

Amazon A+ pages convey greater product details while simultaneously encouraging users to make informed purchases. But to augment your success, you’ll need to continuously monitor your Amazon PDP by following the best practices for A+ content.

  • Use Concise Content: Longer content does not equal higher conversion rates. Instead, keep your content clear and to-the-point.
  • Leverage Customer Reviews: Take a minute to read your customer reviews to identify what matters most to your buyers. Use this feedback to inform your content creation – we promise, you won’t regret it.
  • Emphasize Unique Selling Point (USP): Identify your top Unique Selling Points to ensure your content supports them.
  • Include Product Comparisons: Comparison charts highlight different features and prices across similar products.
  • Draw Inspiration from Consumer Feedback: Gather info for an FAQ module from the customer questions and answers section.
  • Combine Text & Imagery: When describing a key feature or selling point, accompany that text with a relevant image.
  • Optimize Your Amazon Listing: A+ Content optimizes your listing for increased sales and discoverability.

Accelerated Amazon A+ Content with Premiere Creative

As purchasing habits change and shift more toward eCommerce, Amazon’s influence will continue to expand. But using Amazon A+ content on your product listings will help you drive more sales on Vendor Central. Start using this free program today and witness the unprecedented levels of success it can bring to your business.

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