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Amazon Vine and What It Can Do for Your Business

Amazon Vine

With a massive product catalog on Amazon, and many larger brands dominating their respective industries, smaller eCommerce businesses may struggle to gain attention in a saturated market. Furthermore, a variety of comparable products can contribute to a lack of buyer awareness. Luckily, Amazon found a way to benefit consumers and sellers alike with a unique program that rewards active customers who write quality reviews while helping businesses improve brand awareness. In comes the Amazon Vine program, which corals its most trusted reviewers and has them post opinions on new and pre-release products in exchange for free products.

Earning those first couple of reviews for a product is a struggle. Consumers tend to shy away from products without reviews, yet a product cannot generate reviews if people are skeptical of the quality of the product. Through the Vine program, Amazon looked to educate consumers on new products and brands while simultaneously improving the uphill battle sellers face trying to get their products off the ground.

By bridging the relationship between consumers and sellers, Amazon’s Vine program raises product awareness through increased quality reviews, ultimately leading to a greater likelihood of transactions. Sounds like a sweet deal for both parties but let’s first delve deeper into what exactly Amazon Vine entails.

How Can Buyers Enroll in the Program?

Amazon accepts customers into the program based on reviewer rank which is a numerical representation of the insight and helpfulness of customer reviews according to other Amazon customers. To become eligible for Amazon Vine and obtain the coveted Vine Voice title, customers must have a top ranking on Amazon, which constitutes being an active reviewer.

Amazon Vine Review

Amazon is extremely selective in its selection process and only admits Amazon customers via an exclusive invite. In the past, Amazon allowed customers to view their reviewer rank but later disabled this feature. Nowadays, new reviewers will receive an invitation at Amazon’s discretion.

Once enrolled, customers will receive a selection of new products that they can choose from to review each month. Reviewers with Vine Voices then have 30 days to review the products and craft a detailed, unbiased review. Amazon sees Vine Voices as the ‘cream of the crop; due to the immense detail and value woven into the reviews.

How Do Sellers Become Eligible?

Sellers have stricter requirements to enroll in Amazon Vine. Sellers may only enroll in Amazon Vine if they satisfy the following criteria:

  • Register their brand in Amazon Brand Registry
  • Have fewer than 30 reviews on the product detail page
  • Obtain a buyable FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) offer in ‘New’ condition.
  • Launch the product before enrollment
  • Have available FBA inventory
  • Supply an image and a description of the product

A company’s seller tier on Amazon decides how many products a company can place into the Amazon Vine program as well. Sellers at the basic tier may enroll five products, sellers in the plus tier can register 10 products, and the premium tier allows for 20 products. Once Amazon sellers reach the product limit, they must wait 90 days (about 3 months) from enrollment of the last product or until the product reaches the 30-review limit to substitute another product.

The Benefits of Amazon Vine

The benefits for customers are simple: customers receive a free product, even sometimes a pre-released product, in exchange for writing insightful reviews. Meanwhile, sellers will enjoy helpful rewards, such as:

  • Increased Visibility & Traffic:Products will appear in front of more customers as more reviews come in.
  • More Insightful Reviews:Reviews from Vine Voices are often more detailed and helpful than reviews from ordinary customers. A descriptive review can boost trust and credibility with potential customers.
  • Helpful Product Feedback:Amazon Vine Voices may give necessary feedback on all aspects of a product, including the quality, packaging, and shipping. Sellers can use this invaluable feedback to improve the product’s quality or streamline the shipping process.
  • Additional Sales Opportunities:In the past, products had to sell before brands would receive reviews. But customers may shy away from items without any reviewers. The customer gets their product, and the company earns a review; if the reviews are positive, sales will typically increase.

The Cons of Amazon Vine

Unfortunately, Amazon Vine only allows five Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN, the 10-digit number assigned to your products) enrolled in the program at once. Amazon Vine only limits your product to a 30-review cap limit which is cumulative. For example, imagine you have 15 reviews entering the program; you can receive 15 more reviews. Once the product hits the 30-review limit, a new product takes its place.

Amazon Vine also does not ensure positive reviews. Vine Voices may leave negative criticism. Thus, enrolling a new product into the program just to see a stream of negative reviews will hinder future sales.

Amazon Vine Case Study – HexClad Cookware

The power of Amazon Vine will propel a new product launch as demonstrated through real-world case studies like HexClad Cookware’s remarkable journey. Their utilization of Amazon’s Vine program to gather authentic reviews from satisfied customers proved instrumental in a successful product launch into a mature market.

A notable launch example involves HexClad’s 10 Quart pot, where Vine Voices’ endorsement led to rapid sales growth and the coveted “best new seller” status. These outcomes underscore the immense value of harnessing Amazon Vine for your own eCommerce endeavors. You can read more about HexClad’s Amazon success in this case study.

You Joined Amazon Vine! Now What?

Amazon Vine helps both consumers and sellers. In most cases, both parties will benefit from the program. Consumers sacrifice a bit of time to write a quality review but receive a free product for their thoughts. Likewise, sellers sacrifice sales of a few products for quality reviews, which ultimately helps to introduce their product to the masses.

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