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What is Retargeting?


Most who sell a product or service believe – or want to believe – that buyers follow a straight and direct path when making a purchase. The prospective buyer visits your website, finds what they are looking for, heads to checkout, inputs their credit card information, and then confirms their purchase. This is the simplest route that every business wants their customers to follow but it rarely happens that way. In fact, about 2% of site visitors actually convert to paying customers on their first visit. Why? It can be for any number of reasons why they do not buy into what you are selling.

Maybe the website was not easy to navigate. Maybe the price was not right. Or just maybe, life just happens. Sometimes the person was called away from the computer at the moment they were about to click the “Buy it now!” button and forgot. While many would believe these customers are lost forever, that is not true. Retargeting can help you bring them back to complete their purchase.

Explaining Retargeting

Retargeting works like this: a visitor comes to your site and finds out about what you are offering but leaves before they making a purchase. This type of online marketing remembers the customer’s item of interest and then displays similar or the exact same item to them later in an ad, potentially bringing them back to the site to converting them into a paid customer.

How it works begins when you place a retargeting pixel onto a page or across the entire site. When visitors reach a pixeled page, a cookie is discretely placed into their web browser, and as they search the Internet the cookie shows retargeted ads from your site. Simple, right?

Why Should You Use Retargeting Ads?

Using typical display ads and retargeting ads in concert with one another makes for a powerful combination. While banner ads will hook new customers to your business, retargeting ads will bring back customers who already know of you and are interested in what you have to offer. This specific audience is much easier to convert into paying customers so it is highly recommended that you leverage retargeting ads for your brand. In doing so, you gently remind them of their initial attempt to purchase from you and from there they can complete their purchase. This type of ad has a very high click-through rate and increases your exposure to an audience that already wants what you are selling.

You want to use both regular ads on Google and retargeting ads because the following scenario is likely to occur: your banner ad is successful in attracting a whole bunch of people to your site. About 2% of them make a purchase on their first visit, which is great! However, a good chunk of them leave for whatever reason. With a retargeting ad activated, you can advertise to them wherever on the web they may go and remind them you have something they are looking for. The ad will link back to the item they want to purchase, making the buying process easy and ensuring the leave happy customers. For more information on targeting, contact the experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100.