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Author: Heinreich Sioson


What is Retargeting?

Most who sell a product or service believe – or want to believe – that buyers follow a straight and direct path when making a purchase. The prospective buyer visits
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Page 1 on Google

How to Get to Page 1 on Google

Getting to the number one spot on Google for your service or product is the dream of every business. Being number one means exactly that: being number one. Of the
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What is Display Advertising?

You see it all over the place while surfing through the Internet. Even when you are searching for something like your next vacation getaway or the hottest new phone on
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Best Practices for Businesses on Facebook

Many business owners are unsure or entirely unaware as how to use Facebook to market themselves properly. This means no one cares that they have a presence on Facebook, thus
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Content is King: What Does This Really Mean?

Over a decade ago, Bill Gates uttered a phrase that changed the entire marking landscape: “Content is King!” This is the typical response given to clients or perspective clients on
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web usability

How to Create Good Website Usability

Businesses and web designers working for businesses always ask themselves, what makes a website good? What makes people want to explore the website? What about it compels them to stay?
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The Difference Between Google Authorship and Author Rank

Oh Google Authorship, we hardly knew you. You may or may not be aware, but on August 28, 2014 Google shut down its authorship functionality completely. The three-year experiment to
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