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Using Retargeting to Increase Website Engagement


At times, it may seem like your web-browsing experience feels a bit too personal. Ever notice advertisements about products you recently searched for on Google (even as far back as a week ago) keep appearing? Now you’re left wondering how Facebook knows you searched for shirts with penguins on them? This all seems too convenient; is the Internet spying on you?

No, the Internet isn’t spying on you. These occurrences are simply a digital advertising method known as retargeting. Retargeting is a popular approach used on search engines, social networking platforms, eCommerce websites, and even emails. Read on to learn more about retargeting, and how companies use it to increase traffic, website engagement, and sales.

What is Retargeting?

Try imagining the Internet as a digital mall. You pass by many stores, something adorable piques your interest, and maybe you even stop inside. Still, you never complete the sale. This is a huge problem for online retailers, as only 1-3% of website visitors actually make a transaction. With retargeting, however, you can increase the statistical probability of conversions by staying front and center.

Retargeting is a cookie-based advertising method that tracks consumer interests. And no, we’re not talking about delicious treats you enjoy with a glass of milk. Instead, “cookies” refer to small files that store users’ data from websites they visit. On the same coin, cookies also can supply businesses with information on those individual consumers searches. Scattered throughout websites and unseen by consumers, cookies reveal real-time data that allow eCommerce businesses to serve up advertisements directly targeted consumers. The endgame here is to encourage action. In theory, reinforcing the original product in multiple locations may encourage customers to return to that website and transact.

Using Retargeting With Social Media

If you visit Nordstrom’s website and look at a couple of black t-shirts, you may begin noticing ads for black t-shirts on your Instagram and Facebook newsfeed. Social networking sites, like Facebook and Instagram, have reams of consumers’ data and allow companies to generate ads for clients using different retargeting vendors. For instance, Facebook will show you general advertisements for Nordstrom, and even list your friends who follow or like Nordstrom on the platform. This creates the idea that more people you know shop at Nordstrom, thereby compelling you to jump on the Nordstrom bandwagon. Social media is effective at boosting returning web users.

Using Retargeting With Other Websites

While you’re likely to encounter the majority of advertisements on social media, other websites will deliver retargeted ads as well. Search engines also generate retargeted ads for specific web visitors. When you type in a search query on Google, the search engine stores those cookies in a data jar to create retargeted ads specifically for you. A quick Google search to a nearby restaurant may create ads for other similar restaurants to appear in future browser searches. These ads are slightly different from the ads on social media since they do not appear front and center on your feed. Instead, these ads will appear on the side of web pages you visit, as well as the bottom. As long as a website sells ad space, you can expect a retargeted ad to appear.

Emails can serve retargeted ads for businesses too. Some companies will insert a cookie on a link in an email, thereby collecting data as soon as a recipient opens the message. By clicking on the link or opening the email, the company puts your data on their list via cookies. The company will then give this list to their ad vendor, who will use the list to create the specific ads you see on all your newsfeeds.

How Retargeting Helps Promote Business

All this talk about collecting personal data and using it in seemingly handcrafted ads may seem daunting. Don’t panic! The data that cookies collect gets stored in databases. Retargeting only benefits you and businesses that may interest you. The ads show you what you may be missing out on or what you may have glanced over while you were on a website.

Launch a Retargeting Campaign With Premiere Creative

Retargeting is a remarkable way of advertising that is helping promote businesses and allowing them to sell products to those visitors who exit their websites. Do you want to create retargeted ads to increase your sales potential? Let Premiere Creative deploy proven methodology to optimize your visibility on the web. Contact a Premiere project manager today to discuss your customized SEO package. Dial (973) 346-8100 today.