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Author: Adam Solomon

shoppable posts

Build Your Business With Shoppable Instagram Posts

With over 500 million daily users, it’s no surprise that businesses are turning to Instagram to sell products. A cursory glance at your Instagram feed reveals sponsored influencer posts, targeted
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google featured snippets

How to Make The Most Of Google’s Featured Snippets

With nearly 2 trillion searches each year, Google sets the Gold standard for search engines globally. Need directions? Looking for pizzerias near you? Google can answer all these questions and
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summer interns

Premiere Creative’s Exceptional Team Of Summer Interns

At Premiere Creative, we pride ourselves on our year-round internship program. Having recruited outstanding students from schools like Rutgers University, Princeton, Penn State, and NYU, we look for the best
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Market Research Benefits

How Market Research Benefits Your Business

Making a significant life decision without conducting the appropriate research is a recipe for disaster. You wouldn’t buy a new car without researching all available makes and models, and you
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Facebook Ad Sizes

The Guide to Proper Facebook Ad Sizes

Facebook is and always will be the top social media network. Despite what news media and the state of the business may suggest, over 2 billion users log on to
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Using Advanced Search Operators to Improve Search Results

Google, the world’s top search engine, serves as the go-to source for quality information, but it does not come without its problems. For a short period of time, if you
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Using Retargeting to Increase Website Engagement

At times, it may seem like your web-browsing experience feels a bit too personal. Ever notice advertisements about products you recently searched for on Google (even as far back as
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