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Reasons to Add the +1 Button to your Website

The +1 is basically Google+’s way of liking something. The button allows users to +1 content that they like, and then share that content through their own Google+ profile. This allows users to promote content that they find across the web. By adding the +1 button to a website it allows your content to be shared anywhere throughout Google+. All it takes to add the +1 button to a website is inserting a snipping of HTML or JavaScript into your site.

Aside from just allowing visitors to like content on a website it also positively affects how your Google+ page appears in Google Search. For instance, if you search for a website in Google Search the amount of times your website has been +1 will appear as part of the search result. The is a great way for people using Google Search to see that other people have liked, and are recommending the content on your website.

Additionally, if a site has been +1 then it increases the likelihood that the website or webpage will be fetched by Google. When a page is fetched by Google it indexes the page into Google Search making it available for it to appear in search results. The easier you make your content available to appear in Google Search the more likely it is that your website gets more traffic.

Google has stated that they are treading lightly with considering the +1 as a new way to rank sites. So, while the effect of +1 on page rank is up in the air, it is still a great way to get Google to fetch and index your site. However, don’t be surprised if in the near future Google devises a way to include the amount of +1 in how the rank sites.

In addition to the +1 button appearing on a website it can also appear next to one of your ads. The +1 button will appear next to the headline of the ad, and the number of total likes will be present on the ad. Many times peer reviews are more effective than professional reviews, so if other people see that the ad has been liked it increases the chances of more people clicking on the ad.

Other than just adding the +1 button it is also to strategic to choose where the button will appear. Generally, the button appears in two places, on the homepage, and at the end of each post or separate page. This allows visitors to not only share the website itself, but share the individual content that they find the most appealing.

Some of the most important work that goes into configuring a website is how the site appears in Google Search. Anything a site owner can do to improve the chances their site appears in a search is a worthwhile task, and adding the +1 button is another step in assuring your content appears in Google Search. For more information on the +1 button, contact our experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100!