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The Difference Between Google+ Places for Business and Google+ Local

When deciding on what type of Google+ page to create for your business you need to take into consideration how active you want to be on Google+ with your page. Google offers a variety of different types of pages but for the most part business owners can decide between Google+ Places (Places) for Business or Google+ Local (local) or, optimally both.

For any business owner having a page setup using both Local and Places is very beneficial, however, if you are going to use just one, you are better off making sure that your Google Local page is set up and functioning correctly.

This is because Google+ Local provides users with essentially all of the amenities of a standard Google+ page while still being able to promote your business effectively. With Google+ Local you can create new posts, statuses, upload pictures, video, and interact with your followers. In addition people who add your Google+ Local page can add you back and ‘like’ your page.

While Google+ Local is basically a social networking account just for your business, Google+ Places is essentially just a listing of your website on Google+. Places doesn’t allow the business owner to post new content other than provide contact information such as a phone number or the street address. Places is, essentially, Google’s version of Yelp. People that visit the page are welcomed with photos, contact information, ratings, as well as customer reviews. This doesn’t necessarily allow for the manager of the page to interact with their customers. Here this is no ‘like’ or ‘follow’ buttons, this is just a places where people go for information about a business, not actually interact with it on the web.

In the case that someone has one of either a Local or Places account, they can actually be merged to get so they can be used together. The major perk in merging the two accounts is that the page will replace your Google Places listing resulting in your page being listed in Google Maps as well as in Google Search results. This makes it much easier for people searching for places on Google or in Google Maps to find your business.

In some instances if you don’t have a Google+ Places for Business listing your website may not be included in Google Maps at all. Both types of accounts are pivotal for the sake of your business especially since they can be merged it makes them much easier to manage rather than having to go between two separate accounts.

It is important to have a page where a business can interact with customers as well as share information with their followers about what is going on with their business. Additionally, these types of pages allows users to review your business and are able to get information that is listed on Google Maps like address and phone number. Not to mention being listed in Google Maps also improves the chances of your site appearing in Google search so there are a lot of positives to these types of pages. For more information, contact our experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100.