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How to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, according to their website, is “the world’s largest professional network with over 225 million users worldwide. Founded in 2002 and launched in 2003, their mission is to “connect the world’s professionals” in order to promote success. While LinkedIn continues to serve professionals as a great online resource, it also can prove to be beneficial to companies looking to expand their brand.

A company’s LinkedIn profile serves as their online business card, so it is essential that it is as polished as possible.  And, since LinkedIn is free for businesses to manage their own page, you might think of it as a digital Yellow Pages that is yet another opportunity for “free advertising” of what you do and what you excel at.   Just like any other web marketing opportunity, it is important to make sure that you think about your brand, and the messaging and keywords that you want to have correspond to that brand, and use those when you are building your LinkedIn presence.

Here are some easy tips to create a great company LinkedIn profile:

 1. Anchor links

Anchoring links to company blogs and social networking pages is a great way to promote website traffic as well as increase credibility.

 2. Add photos

Because LinkedIn is an online resource, it maintains a highly visual aspect. Because of this, it is important to have a strong visual presence in order to make the company profile inviting and intriguing.

3. Customize LinkedIn URL

Having a long website URL is not fun for anyone! Make sure you customized yours to make the company easily searchable. Makes you easily searchable.

 4. Make your updates count

Adding constant updates to your LinkedIn profile increases credibility and interaction between clients and business officials. Try to include valuable, relevant, and interesting updates. People have the option to like and comment on these updates, which generates virtual conversations boosting business.

You may find that LinkedIn is a terrific source for business leads (which it likely is if you are a business to business company).  You may also find that LinkedIn is simply a good place for you to network with other people within your industry or perhaps just to find employees.  In any case, as social signals gain strength in search engine rankings, it is important to leverage the power that a well planned out LinkedIn profile will provide to you now, and in the future. If you need help creating a great LinkedIn profile, reach out to our experts at Premiere Creative. Call (973) 346-8100!