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Email Marketing Tracking

Now that you’ve built your email marketing campaign, it’s time to blast it out to your email database. Whether you’ve built the HTML yourself, or you’re using an newsletter marketing program, you should always evaluate tracking data. There are a few important results you want to evaluate. This data will help you understand who is reading your emails, what they’re interested in, which email addresses are invalid and more. To understand your results, there are a few different areas you should be aware of:

Open rate

This term refers to the number of email recipients from your list that opened the email message you sent. This number is usually displayed in a percentage and total number of message opened.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to the number of emails that were undeliverable. — some email addresses may be invalid, some email accounts block unknown users. A hard bounce means that the email you sent was returned because delivering it was impossible. Either the email account doesn’t exist or it’s wrong in your database. A soft bounce is the delaying of email messages. Sometimes the system has difficulty delivering because the mailbox is full or the server is temporarily down.

Non-bounce total

Opposite from bounce rate, this newsletter marketing term refers to the number of emails that weren’t bounced, and therefore you can assume they were delivered.

Click-through rate

Click-through rate is means exactly what it sounds like it means. This number represents the number of individuals that clicked on the links in your email marketing newsletter. If your newsletter has multiple links, most data will be broken down to determine which links were clicks on and by who.

From building your database to creating the design of your email newsletter to strategizing the focus of the email to tracking the email data, this is all part of internet marketing. Once you develop a process of email newsletters, it becomes easier to build and deliver them every month. The ROI on newsletter marketing proves to be beneficial to almost every company – a very inexpensive and creative form of internet marketing.