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More Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

We touched on a few reasons your business needs a blog in our previous post, but in a nutshell: blogs give your business a voice, they give you an opportunity to share stories and helpful information you wouldn’t provide on your website, they can be used as a tool to guide readers to your website and they are a source for fresh content. For many companies, blogs have become an essential piece of their SEO and social media strategies. Here are some other reasons why your business needs a blog:

1. Blogs help SEO

Blogs are a great way to help your SEO strategy. Posts are a helpful way to incorporate keywords to boost your ranking in search results. There are many opportunities to use SEO friendly keywords in your posts and search engines love fresh content. Blogs can also be used to build backlinks to your website (and client websites if relevant). There is much more flexibility with blogs as opposed to website content so you can write some of your blog posts intentionally for backlinks. Be sure that your blog is built on your website or is clearly tied to your website so you can guide readers there.

2. Blogs are a great way to attract new customers

Depending on your target audience, you can always tailor your blog posts to fit a particular reader. Potential customers are always looking for interesting information and blogs are a great way to share information about industry topics.

3. Blogs are a great place for reviews and testimonials

Customers love testimonials. There are many industries where testimonials play a huge factor in deciding on a company. Blogs are a great place to share testimonials with readers and potential new customers. Sharing testimonials will also encourage others to write reviews for you. You can also share testimonials on your website if you gather new ones through your blog.

4. Blogs give your business credibility

This particular point is important. Customers like to feel as if they are talking to a human. They want to be able to relate to the company they are purchasing from. By having a blog, you can interact with your readers, share stories, relate to others and can really build relationships with your customers. All of these factors help build your credibility and people feel as if they can rely on you.

Blogs are important for any business and the benefits are very cost effective. If you haven’t already, create your business blog. It’s a great way to engage with your customers.