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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Blogs are a very powerful tool for businesses. They not only help boost traffic, but they are a great way for business to connect with customers and industry professionals. Businesses have been integrating blogs into their websites more and more recently, not only for another way to communicate with customers but for social media and SEO reasons too. A blog helps build trust while also providing valuable information for customers. If you have a business, you should have a blog. Here’s why:

1. Blogs give your business a voice

By establishing a human associate to your blogs, customers feel as if they are talking to a real person. Blogs are where authors can express opinions while still offering valuable information and solutions. Create multiple author profiles for employees that will write blog posts. Give them a brief bio so readers can relate. When readers comment on blog posts, be sure to acknowledge and reply. Customer will feel comfortable that they can express their opinions on your blog and will hopefully return as regular readers.

2. Blogs give businesses an opportunity to share stories and helpful information not provided on the company website

A blog is a great place to write about case studies, highlight certain clients, share stories about what’s going on inside the office and other things you wouldn’t include on a website. There are ton of ways to engage readers. Share tips and how tos, even post photos you think your audience would appreciate or enjoy. Announce new products, features and events on your blog too.

3. Blog posts can be used as a tool to invite your readers to your website

Most websites offer information for potential clients. Blogs are a way to add a voice with a bit more of a “laid back” approach. You can use blog posts to tell stories (case studies), but also give the reader the option to view your website. For example, you can share a case study when your client had remarkable results and conclude your post by linking back to your website for “more information how you can see similar results.” This gives the reader the option of exploring your business more.

4. Blogs offer fresh content

As opposed to your website that usually remains the same, blogs are updated frequently. By publishing regularly, you keep readers attention. Search engines love new, fresh content!

There are many more reasons why your business should have a blog. Stay tuned…