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5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Website

Internet marketers are now moving towards the mobile face of the Internet along with SEO and SEM to create brand awareness. By having a website, mobile users can find your page via browser or search engine just like a desktop computer. However if it’s not optimized for mobile users, it can be detrimental to the overall traffic your page receives. A mobile website is a must for any business that wants to further connect with their clients. Unlike a mobile app that needs to be installed, consumers will be able to easily access your site through their portable browser or search engine. For a growing business, a mobile-optimized website will go a long way. Here are some reasons to consider optimizing. You NEED a mobile website if…. 

1. If your website has good search engine optimization.

Mobile SEO is the new frontier for Internet marketing. When people need something, they are not going to peruse through the first few pages of Google on their iPhone. More than likely, they will pick one of the first listings, and if your business has already invested in keyword optimization and link building, you will have a higher rank on mobile search engines as well.

2. If anyone within 15 feet of you has a Smartphone or a tablet.

Look around: everyone has some sort of portable Internet-toting device. When was the last time you saw someone run to their desktop PC to Google something? Probably not since about 2008, right? Mobile Internet is quickly becoming the main source or Internet connection for the general population. A mobile website is a simple way to keep your page aesthetically pleasing and effortless to maneuver.

3. If your website looks awful when you try to load it onto your phone.

The purpose of mobile websites is to create a user-friendly experience for people on the go. With this desire for efficiency, disappears the more elaborate finesse of your desktop business site. A mobile-optimized site needs a simpler web design that is easy on the eyes and thumbs. If you haven’t already, check how your website looks on a smart phone. It most likely has minuscule type and difficult links to access. Consumers will take one look at this on their phones and exit out immediately. Seems like a silly way to lose potential clients, doesn’t it?

4. If you know someone who loves to plan things at the last possible minute.

Ever go out with that person who enjoys making all of the plans…once you are already there? Most searches on mobile devices are for things to do or places to see in a certain area. If you are one of the top listings for Google+ Places when users search relevant keywords, a mobile website is crucial.

5. If you have any hope that your company will thrive as technology advances.

The use of smart devices is only increasing and your company needs to keep up with the advancements in order to stay afloat. There is no downside to having a mobile website; along with best practice SEO and social media marketing, a mobile-optimized site will increase site visibility and strengthen your business.