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Tag: Mobile Design

How to Improve Your Website’s Page Speed & User Experience

Nowadays, the average online customer expects nothing less than quick loading times and a seamless page experience to discover the best products or services on the web. In a world
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SEO Elements That Boost Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) revolves around optimizing your website’s ranking on search engine results. It may sound technical, but SEO involves a holistic effort from your entire marketing team to
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2020 Website Design Trends

The Top Website Design Trends Taking Over 2020

A new decade means a boatload of new trends shaping the digital marketing landscape. Some trends stem from existing technology and techniques while new updates allow emerging trends to gain
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Must-Have Website Features for Every Small Business

Big or small, staying relevant in the 21st century seems daunting.  Consumers face more than 6,000 messages per day! As a small business owner, you have to level the playing
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Mobile Website vs. Mobile App

So business is booming and you decided to take the plunge and join the mobile world (or you read our last blog and had a glorious epiphany- let’s go with
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5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Website

Internet marketers are now moving towards the mobile face of the Internet along with SEO and SEM to create brand awareness. By having a website, mobile users can find your
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Optimizing Mobile Websites

Welcome back to our series on web marketing for mobile phones/smartphones. Today, we’ll discuss more ways to optimize your mobile site. As mentioned in our previous post, it takes a
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