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TikTok: An Essential Tool for Social Media Growth

TikTok is a short-form video-sharing app with various content ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. TikTok initially launched as a (now defunct) mobile app called, which centered around lip-syncing videos. But a Chinese company, ByteDance, took over the application and rebranded in August 2021. Thus, the TikTok we all know and love today came to fruition.

There’s simply no denying that TikTok’s content resonates better with users than on Why? Because people, regardless of age, enjoy customization. Custom features, like filters, sounds, and other creative effects contribute to a 100% unique experience.

The mobile application hit 1 billion monthly active users in its first five years, solidifying its reign as one of the most used and fastest-growing platforms in the world. Today, TikTok reports 500 million daily active users spending over two hours on the application. This growth means brands can potentially turn the popular mobile app into an indispensable marketing channel for future awareness campaigns.

How to Encourage Growth on TikTok

Creating business growth through TikTok involves deploying a multi-faceted and layered strategy. Videos shared on TikTok get pushed out into the algorithm quickly, with normal distribution ranging from 3 months or more. This is unique to TikTok because other platforms urge business accounts to pay for extending a post’s reach.

Nonetheless, increasing growth and engagement rests with frequent posting, ranging from a few times a week to a couple of times a day. A strict posting strategy will yield more data on audiences through key performance indicators (KPIs), such as video views, new followers, profile views, and content effectiveness.

Always remember that TikTok’s algorithm centers around recommendations. When a user likes a video, the algorithm pushes related videos onto the “For You” page. Depending on how content resonates with users, TikTok’s algorithm will continue to push this content for the next couple of months, enabling steady growth.

Ways to Expand Your Following on TikTok

1. Define Your Audience

The groups that you want to broadcast your messaging and value will dictate the methods and tactics you deploy to convert them. To help ensure your messaging reaches the correct users, we recommend defining audience types: Ideal, Middle, and Top.

  • Ideal audience: Members in this audience tend to center around a business’s niche. Content gets pushed because this user is ‘ready’ to purchase products.
  • Middle audience: The middle audience is a bit broader and may loosely relate to your industry. Content creators tend to make up the bulk of this segment.
  • Top Audience: The top audience is even broader but usually more focused on a related field or topic. For example, a DIY home cook may feel more inclined to learn more about a brand’s online cooking courses.

2. Define Your Hook

Your ‘Hook’ is the first thing that grabs a viewer’s attention and keeps them from continuing to scroll past your post. There are three types of hooks to consider on TikTok: synopsis, empathetic, and curiosity.

  • During a synopsis hook, a creator explains or gives hints about the content in the first part of the video. These hints will hook viewers by generating excitement or interest.
  • The empathetic hook grabs users’ attention by invoking strong emotions. For example, animal rescue stories often pull at our heartstrings.
  • The curiosity hook is when the creator asks a question that piques viewers’ interest and makes them want to watch more.

3. Keep the Content Interesting

You’ll need to keep your content feed interesting, so try distributing a mix of different content types. However, frequent posting will maximize your exposure.

  • Short content – content lasting 15 seconds or shorter. For example, lip-syncing videos, daily routine, aesthetic-based content.
  • Long content – ranging between 1 to 3 minutes. For example, daily vlogs, rants, makeup tutorials.
  • Trending content – take a trend and put a twist on it through the business’s point of view. Trending content is usually the most favorable approach or creating a new trend.

Need some help brainstorming exciting new content ideas? Using the Discover feature, you can find like-minded individuals depending on the keywords you enter. Try following influencers in your niche for content ideas, or possible collaboration opportunities.

TikTok Gives Opportunity to Expand to Younger Generation

Unlike some older social media platforms, TikTok actively places businesses in front of new audiences. Generation Z (ages 10 to 24) are the dominating generation of users on TikTok and prioritize it over other social media applications. TikTok is one of the few apps that businesses can receive a near guarantee of viewership from the Gen Z audience as well as the growing number of Millennials (ages 25 to 39), and Gen X (ages 40 and above) users.

Through a TikTok challenge feature, brands can connect with nearly 65% of users younger than 30. For example, Guess’s #InMyDenim campaign took over TikTok in September 2018. Guess reported issues with its North American sales at an all-time low in the second quarter. Since Guess needed new and younger customers, they used TikTok to reach a younger market. The campaign encouraged users to create video content wearing denim and using the hashtag and song snippet “I’m a Mess” by Bebe Rexha.

Guess also released four influencer-performed videos to demonstrate the idea where they each showed how to pair their Guess jeans with other Guess clothes. It went viral gaining millions of video views, comments, and user-generated videos. Their six-day campaign garnered 5,550 user-generated videos, 10 million video views, and a 14.3% engagement rate. In the end, Guess’s TikTok also gained a larger presence, attracting over 12,000 new followers.

How to Target Audiences on TikTok?

To identify the optimal target audience, business accounts must understand their niche and target audience. But in TikTok marketing, a business may want to consider broadening their top audience. Usually, marketing focuses on the ideal client and content that sways people to gravitate towards a product or service by signing up or buying.

The connection and engagement with the audience are more important in TikTok marketing than getting them to buy or sign up right away. This builds stronger trust and makes us want to learn more. If businesses continue to grow their presence on TikTok, viewers will soon convert into loyal customers and brand advocates.

Partner with Premiere Creative to Create Business Growth through TikTok

TikTok marketing amplifies businesses cultivating and fortifying brand loyalty and awareness. The application can bring in a whole new generation of clients and increase sales. At Premiere Creative, we offer the most helpful way to promote your businesses through TikTok.

We’ll help you build and grow your TikTok business account through innovative campaigns. Dial (973) 346-8100 to connect with our team of social media gurus. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more trends, tips, and digital marketing news.