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SEO Pillars For Every Business

Pillars of SEO

Google, Yahoo, Bing? You’ve probably heard of these top search engines that web surfers heavily rely on to find the answers to their many questions. But you may be unaware of how business can benefit from capitalizing on the advantages a superior SEO strategy offers. Attracting, converting, closing, and delighting customers aren’t always a simple feat. In fact, it is the result of cumulative marketing initiatives that your business has already exhausted.

To optimize growth and increase ROI, businesses must incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies into their web design. To ensure you climb the ranks to page 1 of Google, the digital marketing experts at Premiere Creative share these SEO pillars that any business can apply.

Using SEO To Find Your Audience

Did you know web users conduct 40,000 searches globally every second of every day? Even more astounding, your target audience (consumer) may soon grow impatient because they are being overlooked, instead of leading to your business through SEO. Your company is not easy to find on the web, and worse, this leaves your competition wide open. However, as a business or organization, you can optimize your content and thereby boost traffic to your website. To produce appropriate content, businesses need to hone in on meeting visitor’s needs. You can do this by identifying your target audience by way of:

  • Examining Google Analytics
  • Running customer surveys
  • Creating reader personas
  • Using social listening tools
  • Tracking content performance
  • Asking customers for feedback

Keep in mind these are not mutually exclusive methods. If you would like to synthesize the best results you can leverage multiple tools and techniques.

Optimizing Your Website Pages

Before your website can climb rank and gain the visibility it deserves, you and your team will need to evaluate if your website is search engine-friendly. This presents a challenge because your content and pages not only have to appeal to people; they have to appeal to search engine crawlers. To get your website ready, optimize the following areas:


This is the first thing people read. If one of your page title’s does not grasp your consumer’s attention, chances are visitors will most likely click away and miss out on important content about your company. Your page titles must include relevant keywords, and it must remain related to the content on the webpage to ensure credibility and value.


All URLs need to be short and reflect the content of each respective page. Be sure to avoid underscores, and you’re your word count to five words or less. It is also important to keep the URLs short as you may use them in social media posts.

Meta Description

Although this structure does not specifically help build rank, it does greatly provide users who glance at SERPS with an indicator of your webpage content; it’s that moment where readers gather a sense if your content is worth clicking to take them to your website.

SEO Meta Description

Will your meta description tell readers what they were looking for? The caveat is to tell visitors what they can expect in 300 characters.

Website Structure

Your web design structure is essentially the bones of your website, so identifying and laying out the architecture of the site will help you determine how web visitors move around the site. Your homepage should focus on offering visitors the opportunity to discover and explore all the exciting services you have to offer. You can do this by strategically inner linking to other relevant pages within your homepage content. Alternatively, you can include high-quality images, create badges and callouts, further enticing clicks off the homepage and deeper into your webs pages.

Today over 60% of Internet search happens via mobile devices. And so it is crucial to reach consumers by having a mobile responsive design. Keep the mobile and desktop view in mind when designing your overall sitemap.

Bringing It All Together

Just as optimizing your website to attract consumers is important, your digital marketing efforts help promote your website. You have many options for how to strategize marketing your web pages such as through links and social media marketing. If a reliable and trusted source links to one of your web pages, it can help increase their credibility. Individuals trust certain websites and that can be very beneficial.

Social media marketing helps by increase search engine visibility brand and connect with social platforms where your customers may be hiding. The more exposure a web page has the better. To get started on your SEO strategy, contact Premiere Creative today or give us a call at (973) 346-8100 to discuss how to maximize your SEO!