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Author: Gloria Vega

How to Add a Service Section to Your Facebook Business Page

Who wears the social media crown? Facebook, of course! With more than 2 Billion active users, you would be hard-pressed not to find your neighbor, your 6th-grade science teacher, or
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Domain Registration Myths

Choosing the correct (or memorable) domain name is critical for a brand’s identity to stand out. Sometimes, the best or ideal domain is unavailable. There are a few elements to
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Why Text Structure Matters for SEO

It’s no secret that content drives action on the web, it’s what attracts visitors to your website in the first place. But did you know that your content’s structure is
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What is a Permalink?

If you own a WordPress website, you’ve probably encountered the term “permalink” at one point or another. If you haven’t, a quick login to the backend of your website will
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SEO Audit

5 SEO Audit Steps for a Better Website

Congrats on launching your new website. Now you’re ready for customers to visit and convert into paying clients…or are you? Visually speaking, everything about your new website looks phenomenal: compelling
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Local SEO

Will Your Business Benefit From Local SEO?

Did you know 65% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase? That’s right! Consumer habits continue to move away from browsing brick and mortar locations, now relying on
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Pillars of SEO

SEO Pillars For Every Business

Google, Yahoo, Bing? You’ve probably heard of these top search engines that web surfers heavily rely on to find the answers to their many questions. But you may be unaware
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