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The 411 on New LinkedIn Analytics

In an attempt to help businesses and web marketers with their online presence, LinkedIn has created a redesigned and expanded form of analytics. The new spreadsheet format makes information accessible and easy to understand. With this new formula, LinkedIn takes care of the math for you (yay!) and creates percentages for the amount of engagement, impressions, clicks, and other areas regarding update visibility. For those who are new to the business page of the LinkedIn analytics, they have set up the page so that if you roll the mouse over each column, you get a brief description of each column! They even offer links of some of them for expand explanations. For those who get more from charts than spreadsheets, they offer graphs for the impressions and engagement columns.

So, you may be wondering why LinkedIn would bother to expand and redesign their analytics when the option itself is not too old. Of course, with the rate that technology changes, it’s surprising it took this long! The new analytics changed were rolled out specifically to help business owners and online marketers to shape their updates based on what their followers want.  Of course, not every follower will be dramatically impacted by each post, it is important to consider the masses rather than the individual for these social networking posts. This could potentially lead to more followers and expanded business. Even if that does not happen, your social media presence would be greatly improved, increasing credibility and consumer relationships.

Don’t know how to shape your page for these new updates? Have no fear; LinkedIn has that covered, too! Underneath the engagement graph is a link titled “Improve Engagement.” This connects you to a LinkedIn Marketing Solutions page, which contains fifteen tips to help redesign your company’s updates in order to better your company page. And, since LinkedIn is so smart, they shared that link as an update from them! So, people have the ability to communicate via the comment button in order to further increase the spread of idea and good business practices.

With the importance of social media greatly increasing as technology continues to play a major role in business, companies like LinkedIn are doing their best to keep up with the demand of new tools. Their newly updated analytics helps business owners see which of their posts made the biggest impression on their followers. This, in turn, allows them to post specifically for the followers, which increases credibility and trust with clients. For more information on LinkedIn analytics and how to understand them, contact our experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100.