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Tag: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Content Marketing

Important Content Marketing Metrics to Track in 2024

Ask any SEO expert, and they’ll tell you that tracking the right metrics can make or break your content marketing strategy. The year 2024 is no exception to this rule.
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What are the Important KPIs in Instagram Influencer Campaigns?

Influencer marketing is still maturing as a channel. With each passing year, brands are getting smarter ditching traditional marketing methods for modern inbound methods. Data analytics is the key to
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Instagram Likes

Hidden In Plain Sight: Instagram Tests Hiding Like-Counts From Public View

A social media calamity erupted in Canada a few weeks ago when Instagram removed the “like-count” from photos on user feeds. At Facebook’s annual F8 Conference, Instagram – a platform
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Google Search Ads 101

Where else can any business, small or large, target their specific customers day or night? Google Search Ads. Like many business owners, you tend to receive Google postcards every few
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The 411 on New LinkedIn Analytics

In an attempt to help businesses and web marketers with their online presence, LinkedIn has created a redesigned and expanded form of analytics. The new spreadsheet format makes information accessible
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Pinterest Analytics

What are Pinterest Analytics for Business?

Pinterest, the social networking website focused on visual media, has garnered a following that is far greater than its original middle-aged Mid-Western woman. Now many Pinterest users are businesses that
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