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What are Pinterest Analytics for Business?

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest, the social networking website focused on visual media, has garnered a following that is far greater than its original middle-aged Mid-Western woman. Now many Pinterest users are businesses that are taking advantage of the exposure that can be found because of the millions of new and returning users to the site each day. Not only is Pinterest great with individual companies, but marketing and public relations firms are also taking advantage of all Pinterest has to offer. With the new Pinterest analytics tool provided by the site, companies can target specific audiences who would best benefit their company.

How could this possibly be true, you might ask? Well, analytics allows the user to find out how many people are pinning from their website. This helps track the busiest days, which can lead to more exposure during peak “pinning times.” There is something important to keep in mind: if you are pinning onto a board from a website not your own, that data will not show up on the analytics like and repin reports. Analytics also allow the user to view who is seeing your pins and who is clicking on your content. This can lead to businesses gathering new followers and following new people. After all, it is about having the most connections in the business world! With the user-friendly time frame set up, you can see how your pins trend over time! Pinterest made the analytics option extremely easy to use.

These new analytics also have a tool to show which pins get the most repins and who repins them. With this information, businesses can design their websites and Pinterest boards towards specific members of their target audience.

Pinterest Analytics

The great thing about Pinterest is the flexibility. So, when a shift in target audience appears, boards can easily be added, changed or deleted. While this all sounds awesome, there is a catch. In order to qualify for Pinterest analytics, you must first register your company as a “business account.” Then, you must switch to Pinterest’s redesigned page. These are just two simple steps to complete in order to obtain a wealth of knowledge about your Pinterest followers.

While keeping in mind what is best for your business, it is also important to keep checking what is appearing on the popular page. If a pin from that page is relevant to your company, and you just so happen to have a similar/relevant pin, why not try and make your pin get to the popular page? Pinterest has had a steady increase in users since its humble beginnings, and these numbers are still expected to climb. As a business owner, it is important to take advantage of all Pinterest has to offer, including its analytics tools. One your business is verified, it is only a few simple clicks until you are designing boards that will best suit the needs of your company. For more information and assistance on understanding analytics for Pinterest, talk to one of our experts at Premiere Creative and give us a call at (973) 346-8100. Make sure to check out our guide for Pinterest Advertising.