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Make Sure Your Emails Get Delivered

Unfortunately, everyone that uses email encounters spam. Email consumers receive so much spam that they have become hesitant about opening any messages where they don’t recognize the sender. This may become challenging for anyone looking to issue out email newsletters.

Email newsletters are a great way to communicate with your customers and even employees. Delivery newsletter emails may be difficult though if you’re working with a large database. Deliverability refers to the obstacles and issues that need to be overcome in order for your email to reach your inbox. Things like wrong email addresses, spam filters and blockers and email server issues can all affect the successful delivery of email messages.

When constructing an email marketing campaign, especially one that involves an email newsletter, be sure to do you research about spam first. Authoritative benchmarks for determining spam are:  legal standards, professional standards and consumer preferences. Most consumers expect email newsletters or other marketing emails to come through trusted sources. Email newsletters should follow the appropriate standards so they don’t end up in spam boxes.

Be sure to keep your email newsletters legally compliant. You don’t want them to end up in the spam/junk folder and you don’t want your customers to see your emails coming from unprotected and untrusted sources. This causes a lot of unsubscribers.