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Importance of Analytics for SEO

Once you have finished inserting keywords in the individual pages of your website, you will need to keep track of your web marketing progress. Search engines routinely index and re-index web pages as a way to keep their search results up with the times. This results in a time delay that explains why it may take a few months before you can actually see an increased ranking in search engine listings.

The next step in the SEO process is to look at web analytics. Now that you have optimized your web pages, you will need to collect and analyze data about your various optimized web pages. Thanks to web analytics, you can view how many people go to your site, where they are coming from, how long they stay on your site, and what pages they are viewing. All of this information is incredibly helpful in understanding what your viewers are interested in. For example, if you see that most people are clicking on your “mini cupcakes gift sets” page, then it’s a good indicator that you should continue putting a lot of focus on that area, both on the website and in the actual bakery. And if you see that the “festive pies” page isn’t getting as many hits as the other pages, then you should evaluate the situation and determine whether this is because the page itself is not appealing or if perhaps customers are just not that interested in festive pies (in which case you could then apply your web analytics findings to the real world by reducing your ordering of pie ingredients).

One of the gems of analytics is that you can view a lot of information about the success of your content marketing. For example, you can look at your bounce rate, which tells you how many people go to your site and leave without looking through any of your other pages. High bounce rates are obviously unfavorable, but if you find that you have a high bounce rate, then most likely your viewers do not feel that your site is relevant to their needs. In that case, you should probably work on changing your content so that your keywords make it clear that your site has something that will interest them.

Lastly, it is important to regularly reevaluate your keywords to stay on top of search popularity trends. “Bakery union square nyc” may have been a popular search when you first started implementing your best SEO strategies, but perhaps with growing health concerns broadcasted throughout the media, “organic bakery union square nyc” may become another popular keyword worth adding to your list.