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Combining Web Design with Your SEO Strategy

Most web designers use a Content Management System (CMS) in their development process. It’s very important to build a CMS system for many reasons. CMS web design gives clients the flexibility to modify the content and photographs within their site by themselves.

Because of the web design SEO strategy taking place within the website, most times the CMS system with be limited for the client. Things like navigation structure, or critical SEO features such as title tags, url structure, headers and footers cannot be altered. These features have been built using best web design and SEO practices and therefore shouldn’t be changed without making your web designer aware.

Simple tasks such as editing copy or switching out images on your website can become time consuming and costly. By developing a CMS system, clients can do these tasks on their own without the web designer becoming involved. It’s important for your web designer to stay focused on the larger picture and concentrate on enhancing the client’s brand, generating buzz and more.

Working with open source tools that already have large communities, such as ModX, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress and helpful to your web design and SEO strategies. Technology programs have become more user-friendly and helpful and encourage businesses to become involved.