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Tag: Content Management System (CMS)

How to Improve Your Website’s Page Speed & User Experience

Nowadays, the average online customer expects nothing less than quick loading times and a seamless page experience to discover the best products or services on the web. In a world
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eCommerce Platform

The 5 Most Popular eCommerce Platforms

Opening up a storefront on an eCommerce platform is a remarkable way to build, promote, and grow your company on the web. According to the 2020 ARTS (Annual Retail Trade
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SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

Like everything in life, we all want to improve and better ourselves continually. You want to be the best in your industry, and that requires work. If you lack a
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ABCs of Marketing

The ABCs of Marketing

Marketing has evolved quite a bit over the last few years. New terms, trends, and concepts have emerged, which has fundamentally changed the marketing landscape in 2016. The good news
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web usability

How to Create Good Website Usability

Businesses and web designers working for businesses always ask themselves, what makes a website good? What makes people want to explore the website? What about it compels them to stay?
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What is Weebly? Friendly, Functional Web Design

In this digital age, you cannot overstate the importance of a website when it comes to business. In many cases the website is your business, especially as more and more
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Why Your Website Should Have a Content Management System

If you have a website or every thought about creating one, you are probably familiar with what a Content Management System (CMS) is. If you’re not, a CMS is a
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Designing Simple Websites for Clients

Now that we’ve covered basic website design features and SEO friendly WebPages, Premiere moves into the navigation of your website. We employ HTML text as navigation rather than using graphics
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Combining Web Design with Your SEO Strategy

Most web designers use a Content Management System (CMS) in their development process. It’s very important to build a CMS system for many reasons. CMS web design gives clients the
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The Benefits of Using a CMS

There are many points to consider in web design. When you choose your web designer, be sure a Content Management System (CMS) is included in the website build. Most web
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