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Designing Simple Websites for Clients

Now that we’ve covered basic website design features and SEO friendly WebPages, Premiere moves into the navigation of your website. We employ HTML text as navigation rather than using graphics of Flash. This limits the choice of fonts we can use but search engines can catalog and follow the links more easily and our clients can add or remove pages using a content management system (CMS) rather than having to rely on a web designer to change graphical elements every time a page changes on the site. At Premiere, we can include a CMS in your quote, but the benefits of having one are priceless.

While it may be “creative” to design a website and your homepage (and navigation) with no text and a single small photograph, visitors may have a hard time finding the page through search engines. It’s important to think about your web design because the simplest things may be the most beneficial. Our clients are businesses who spend a fair amount of money to establish a presence on the Web and an important component of our business is to make sure they’re getting a good return on their investment.

That said, we never design a website in a vacuum. We present options to our clients for them to choose the direction they think represents their company best. We will weigh the pros and cons of each design as to their merits of communication, SEO and practicality, but ultimately the choice is the client’s. If a client would be best served with a more “blog-like” layout (long page, many articles), a minimalistic design (little or no text), a magazine or newspaper-like design (multiple columns, many articles synopses on the homepage) or some other design, we will propose it. In addition, if we think that the opportunity to do something more unique would be best on a separate microsite or landing page, we will propose that option as well. We are a web design company that listens to your needs. Because our clients are making investments in their sites, their main concerns are driving customers to do business with them and you can’t argue with our results on that front.