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Google Adwords Best Practices

Capturing those clicks requires a lot of tweaking, but there are a few simple steps that you can use when you are first creating your Google AdWords campaign that will encourage people to click on your ads immediately.  After all, there is no data to analyze if nobody is clicking! The next time you log into your Google AdWords account, make sure you follow these tried and true practices.

Use Keywords in Your Ad

You have worked very hard to figure out the keywords that you want to have associated with your site. When you are creating your ads, be sure that you are using the same keywords in the ad.  This is because Google will BOLD the keywords in the ad that match what the user has typed into their search. Imagine that you are a local ice cream store. One of the Keyword combinations that you have discovered has a high search value in your area and that you are focusing on for your town is “Kid Friendly Places.” Now, when you are actually writing your ad, you might not necessarily think to say we’re a Kid Friendly Place. I mean you serve ice cream, so your store is definitely kid friendly! But by using the same keywords in your ad (and pointing out the obvious) you will reach more people because your user is searching for “Kid Friendly Places” and your ad is answering them “Kid Friendly Placein BOLD LETTERS!

Invite People to Click

Like I mentioned above, getting potential clients to click on your ad is what you want to happen. Inviting someone to click – even actively encouraging them to click on your ad, is the best way to increase the chances of this happening. For example, the ice cream store owner who has the “Kid Friendly Place” has written copy that says, “Visit the Best Kid Friendly Place in Town!” Well, “visit” is one type of call to action – but visiting your store isn’t the thing that you want the person to do at that moment. Getting them to visit your site is the immediate goal.You know – the site that you spent all of that time and money on developing. The site that showcases everything your awesome ice cream store has to offer including great photos of birthday parties, new ice cream flavors, and a handy dandy map on how to get there. How to get people to click on your ad? Invite them to do so!  It may seem simple but giving people a simple direction is often the difference that makes them click on your ad.

Don’t Forget About Mobile

You’re spending lots of time creating your ads, picturing your users at the moment that they are searching for a “Kid Friendly Restaurant.” Make sure that you spend some time thinking about the user who is searching for a Kid Friendly Place on the go!  Mobile search is growing every day. Luckily Google lets you pick and choose which ads will be featured on Mobile.Maybe you test an ad like the one we discussed in step #2 with the action word VISIT for mobile users. Maybe even a better action verb to use would be FIND. You can also try phrases like, “The Best Kid Friendly Place in town!  Find Us here!” or “Come to the Best Kid Friendly Place in Town!” Take it a step further by using Ad Extensions to direct them right to the Contact Us page that has your address and directions on how to get to your store.

With all of these steps, remember – make multiple versions of your advertisements and let them run.  See how they do and then find the ones that work, get rid of the rest and keep tweaking until you see the results that you want. For more information on Google AdWords, contact Premiere Creative’s team of paid ad specialists by dialing (973) 346-8100.