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Essential Email Automations: The Win-Back Series

Win Back Emails

One of the most common pitfalls that businesses face involves customer acquisition. New customers are the lifeline of any business, but customer acquisition can cost nearly 5 times more than retaining an existing customer. More importantly, customers familiar with your brand have a greater probability of transacting a second or third time than a new prospect. This means that your past customers will become invaluable assets to your business growth ambitions.

Many of the subscribers on your email list probably disengaged from your email campaigns months ago. Sure, they haven’t unsubscribed from your messaging, but they’re ignoring your emails, or worse, forwarding them to the spam folder. The main issue isn’t only that those subscribers will miss out on the promotions you’re offering them, but that they keep driving your open and click-through rates down to an abysmal level.

So, revisiting your old customers and reminding them of your product offerings can result in a repurchase. Thus, a sequence of win-back emails is perfect for brands facing low engagement rates, poor email deliverability, and low purchase frequency.

What is a Win-Back Email?

It may happen tomorrow, in a month, or a year, but nearly 25% of subscribers will unsubscribe eventually. Don’t feel discouraged! When it comes to email marketing, brands always have an opportunity for a do-over through win-back emails. A win-back email is part of a more extensive email marketing campaign, aiming to maintain a healthy subscriber list by following up with customers who still show interest in the brand.

The Win-back Series typically consists of three separate emails that follow a specific timeline to strategically regain customers without bombarding their inboxes with annoying content.

Win-Back Email #1

The first win-back email goes out to subscribers approximately 6 months after their last transaction to encourage repeat purchases. Essentially, you are trying to win back lapsed customers (prospects who haven’t placed an order in a while). At this point, you must assume that the customer has nearly forgotten about you, so you’ll want to remind them of your amazing products or unmatched services.

The copy in your email matters, and you can frame the text in a witty or straightforward tone. For the first win-back email, try telling the subscribers that you miss them or showcase a vast selection of products they won’t want to pass on. Again, the goal is to capture attention and convince them to respond.

Win-Back Email #2

The second email in the win-back series goes to subscribers 10-15 days after win-back email #1, provided the subscriber did not place an order. Win-back email #1 may spark interest among inactive customers, but win-back #2 takes things a step further. Win-back email #2 features an incentive that will increase the likelihood of subscribers completing a repurchase while cementing a meaningful connection.

You want to tell the subscribers that you haven’t heard from them and you still long for their business. That is exactly why you are including an incentive to soften the deal since you don’t want them to miss out on a new variety of products. One of the best practices for the incentive is a simple “XX% off of a minimum order discount.

For example, consider using a phrase like, “Get $15 off your order of $45 or more.” In addition, the subject line structure should follow a similar format like, “Save $10… Since You’re in the Know” or “We Want to See You Back in Our Store!

Win-Back Email #3

Just because the customer did not respond to the second win-back email does not mean they aren’t interested in your great services. Businesses should send the final email in the win-back series approximately 3-5 days after win-back email #2, but only if the subscriber did not place an order.

This final win-back email seeks to drive a sense of urgency with the subscriber about the limited-time reward mentioned in the second win-back email. The email’s copy needs to highlight the coupon expiration, thereby enticing the subscriber to make their purchase and use the coupon before the deal ends.

Furthermore, consider sprucing up your subject lines. You want something that piques their interest with just a hint of urgency. Well-crafted subject lines typically include phrases like, “24 hours left for $10 off” or “Last chance to take $10 off your order.”

Design Considerations for Win-Back Emails

Brands have countless ways to structure a win-back email sequence. Ultimately, the nuances in the design should reflect your brand’s customer and prospect data, so you can serve up content that resonates with subscribers. Through email automation software like Klaviyo, your team can analyze customer trends and purchasing behavior to execute more-informed decisions.

Win-Back email

When building win-back emails, the layout for all emails should contain main hero images, a Coupon Code (for #2 and #3), a CTA, and a Recommended Products Section. Including these key details in your email will ensure that the customer has everything they will need at check-out.

Win-Back email

Main Hero Image: Should incorporate a great lifestyle image accompanied by the hero copy and CTA.

  • Width: 640px
  • Height: 400-640px

Coupon Codes & CTAs: Should incorporate the coupon code alongside a compelling call-to-action (CTA). Keep this phrase clear, concise, and simple with phrases like, “Use Coupon,” “Shop Now,” etc.)

  • Width: 640px
  • Height: 150-350px

Recommended Products Section: Including recommended products will give the customer an idea of what they might want to purchase before they enter the online store.

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  • Height: 400-740px

Earning Back Inactive Customers through Email Marketing

Whether you’re new to the marketing mix or not, businesses of all sizes will occasionally endure client drought. But if you’re stuck in a rut, try switching up your tactics. Re-engaging inactive customers is a key part of driving sales and keeping your business alive. An engaged list is a list that converts. You want subscribers to open your email, click your links, and ultimately buy your products or services—the more the better.

With some expert help from a reputable Email Marketing Agency, we guarantee you’ll start noticing more connections and a boost in conversions. Call Premiere Creative at (973) 346-8100 to discuss your next email marketing campaign.