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Why You Need Optimized Landing Pages

Optimized Landing Page

With careful design and effective copy, you can take your lead generation to the next level. As the most important element in any successful PPC campaign, your landing pages play a crucial role in driving leads and increasing revenue. Aside from collecting potential customers’ names and contact information, your landing pages provide several other invaluable benefits. So, what are those benefits?

The digital experts at Premiere Creative offer these 5 compelling reasons to create optimized landing pages for your marketing campaign.

1). Receive an SEO Boost to Your Website

Every time you publish a new landing page, you add a new page to your website, which Google will index. More indexed pages grant you another opportunity to rank high in search engines and drive organic traffic to your website. When you create “SEO-friendly” landing pages, you also increase the likelihood that interested customers will find your landing pages. Studies show that customers visiting landing pages from search engines tend to convert at a higher rate because they’re already actively searching for similar offers or information to your product.

But what constitutes as “SEO-friendly” landing pages? “SEO-friendly” landing pages have an optimized title, headlines, URL, and content-rich copy, which instruct search engines to rank that page for a targeted keyword. When you plan and create content based on keywords research, prospects will have an easier time landing on your page. Not only will you notice an increase in traffic driven to your website through both organic and paid searches, you’ll also boost your website’s domain and page authority. Through a combination of higher search rank and authority, you’ll continue to enjoy traffic to your landing pages without any additional work.

2). Generate Maintain Lead Flow

Do the math – the more landing pages you create, the more potential leads you will generate. However, this also means that you must create more offers to market to visitors. While you may use some of your landing pages for one-off events such as product launches or big discounts, you should focus on promoting evergreen content within your offers.

Evergreen content endures time with little or no upkeep. In other words, it’s timeless, valuable, in-depth, and high quality. Types of evergreen content include how-to guides, tutorials, resource lists, and answers to industry questions. Even as you continue to produce more offers and launch more products and services, your landing pages will remain relevant with evergreen content. This allows your landing pages to continuously draw in leads for as long as you need.

3). Facilitate Prospect & Lead Engagement

While a prospect’s first visit to a landing page may only yield a name and an email address, subsequent visits can grant you deeper insight into your buyer’s persona. This enables you to gather more information about your individual leads to smoothen out the conversion process. Every piece of customer information you learn will allow you to tighten up your contact lists to provide relevant content before, during and after the sale. Simply put, the more you know about your customers, the better you can sell to them.

Aside from obtaining valuable information through your landing pages forms, you also have the ability to discover which of your prospects continuously engage with your brand. Your marketing and sales team should focus their combined efforts on returning visitors because they have the highest chance of becoming customers.

4). Fuel Other Marketing Channels

Landing pages allow you to harness other marketing channels. While landing pages can be a powerful tool, they still rely on other aspects from your marketing toolbox. To keep your prospects engaged, interweave your blog, email campaigns, and social media efforts to drive maximum traffic to your website. Again, be sure to leverage evergreen content with these marketing channels. When you use evergreen content in your offers, you always have something valuable to share. Your older offers will still bring in leads and engagement on your social sharing sites.

5). Obtain Valuable Marketing Insights

As you create and publish more landing pages, you will receive beneficial data from Google Analytics, which will accelerate future marketing efforts. Through tracking and analyzing key metrics on your landing pages, you’ll learn what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll obtain answers to important questions such as:

  • How do your various offers compare with each other?
  • How do visitors and leads convert on your landing pages?
  • Which landing page elements should you test for increased optimization?

To learn which elements work and which do not, be sure to perform a series of A/B tests.

Next Steps

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to design a landing page to meet your specific goal, contact the experts at Premiere Creative today and give us a call at (973) 346-8100.