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Why Google+ is Essential for Business Growth


In regards to engagement and active users, Google+ pales in comparison to social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter. Recently, Google streamlined Google+ to focus more on collections and communities, helping to distinguish their platform as a relationship builder. To stay relevant and cultivate meaningful relationships in the ever-changing digital landscape, small businesses must incorporate Google+ into their digital strategy. Here are some ways that Google+ can help your business grow.

Search Engine Optimization

Integrating Google+ into your digital strategy can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Google automatically indexes any photo, text, stream, video or review published on a Google+ page, thereby guaranteeing your page ranks in the search engine results page (SERP). Remember that in order for a business to receive increased web traffic, you need to optimize content with key elements including relevant keywords while receiving followers, shares and hits on the “+1” button.

Page Ranking

Businesses constantly compete to achieve the highest page rank in Google’s SERPs. A high page rank is ideal because approximately 75% of search engine users do not scroll past the first page of results. Therefore, it is paramount that your content reaches the top of Google’s SERPs. Google+ provides an edge to help businesses achieve a high page rank because using the platform increases the likelihood that people will see a your content through social sharing. While Google does not directly include social sharing into its search engine algorithm, studies still show that there is a meaningful correlation between the number of social shares and high-ranking pages.

Communities and Collections

The defining advantage of utilizing Google+ is its ability to reach audiences with similar interests; in other words, Google+ helps build new relationships and connects your business with potential customers through the “Communities” and “Collections” features. “Communities” are groups where people with similar interests can interact, so it is the perfect way to reach and connect with people interested in your brand’s products or services.

The “Collections” feature organizes your posts into specific topics, allowing your business to connect with potential consumers in a more personalized way. This gives visitors the opportunity to filter content, as well as provide feedback for future content.

Increased Visibility

Not only does Google+ allow small businesses to connect directly with potential customers, but it also provides customers with important information when searching for your business. For example, Google Local gives your business a presence on Google Maps, which is extremely helpful for customers searching for services in their area. Furthermore, Google Local also provides customer reviews, ratings, and other vital information, which may affect customers’ decisions to utilize your business’s services over a competitor.

The “Circles” feature allows customers to share and recommend your business to other users; as a result, satisfied customers transform into strong brand advocates. Businesses cannot ignore this feature because the users in these circles are more likely to trust your business if they receive positive feedback directly from other customers.

Another feature brands need to utilize is the “+1” button. The “+1” button also distributes business’ content among the circles, thereby directing more traffic to websites. According to Hubspot, businesses utilizing the “+1” button feature receive approximately 3.5 times more visits on Google+. In addition, Google+ allows direct communication between brands and their followers through the “hangouts” feature, which gives businesses the opportunity to present live demos, debates and conferences while automatically uploading content to YouTube.

Build Your Google+ Page Today!

In order for businesses to stay relevant and grow, they need to have a strong online presence that facilitates communication with their current and future customers. Google+ is a necessary tool for business growth because it can help brands accomplish both initiatives. Google is the leader of search engines, owning approximately 65-75% of search engine market share. To disregard a platform created by Google would cause you to miss an opportunity to optimize, share and have your content appear at the top of Google’s SERPs.

Are you looking to integrate Google+ into your digital strategy? For more information on Google+ and its invaluable benefits, contact the social media experts at Premiere Creative today or give us a call at (973) 346-8100!