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Launching Your First TikTok Ad

It’s time to jump on the TikTok Ad bandwagon! Do you want to boost your online presence and connect with a whole new generation of people? TikTok grew exponentially over the past two years, positioning itself as one of the leading social platforms for younger generations like Generation Z. As companies continue to expand, TikTok became a vital tool for attracting new followers and communicating with customers.

Why Use TikTok Ads?

TikTok became a household name with over 1 billion active users in 2022. Setting itself apart from the other social media giants with short-form videos across the board, TikTok users can watch videos and interact with them by liking, commenting, sharing, and responding with a video (called a stitch or duet).

Through TikTok, anyone can make a video — even users with limited tech knowledge. Any business can start using this platform to gain more exposure for their company. TikTok is here to stay, so mastering this social media app will benefit your company.

Getting Started with Your First TikTok Ad

Creativity thrives on TikTok’s platform, allowing you to breathe new life into your best ideas. If you hope to see the most value from your TikTok ads, you will want to spy on other companies in the same industry to see how many videos they are producing and how frequently.

By analyzing their strategy, you can understand what it takes to stay engaged. You can also watch other TikTok videos to understand what the trending audios are, what filters people are using, or what people on the platform are engaging in.

Claim a TikTok Business Account

Signing up for TikTok Business allows you to utilize exclusive data about viewership to help better understand your audience. The registration process for securing a TikTok Business account is remarkably simple. First, download the mobile app. Next, fill in all the necessary information for your business. From there, you will create a unique username and personalize your profile.

You will then choose between a Creator and a Business account. After choosing a business account, you will then assign your business to a category – like education or hospitality. After completing all these steps, you can start creating great TikTok content.

Recording & Editing Your First TikTok Ad

TikTok provides flexibility and unrivaled customization features for video recording and editing. You can use your smartphone to record videos or capture photos, and then upload them to the app. Alternatively, you can save time by recording a video directly on TikTok. By registering for a business account, you unlock access to TikTok Video Ads and tools to help you better understand your audience. Let’s explore some of the awesome features in the TikTok toolkit.

  • The TikTok Video Editor can customize and edit your content. The feature also ensures you comply with TikTok’s copyright guidelines.
  • The Dynamic Scene helps you understand your audience using machine AI learning and how to get the most out of your videos. This will take your video and break it into parts to place it into the ideal TikTok video to get the most out of your content for your viewers. This will allow your content to stay fresh and up to date with your audience.
  • The Pop-Up Showcase helps you paste images onto your videos to boost engagement and insert links to your products for interaction. These extra elements will allow your viewers to click through to your website and buy the products featured in your TikTok video ads.

The Types of TikTok Ads

We all know that TikTok has a wide range of digestible content, as well as tools to elevate your videos. But more importantly, TikTok allows for different ad formats to broadcast your value. Here are some types of TikTok ads that you can utilize in your paid social media strategy.

  • Top View Ads will appear at the top of users’ ‘For You’ feed after opening the mobile app. The immersive experience eliminates competing content and grants more time to convey messaging for brand awareness.
  • Brand Takeover Ads are full-screen static or dynamic displays, delivering a strong visual impact that the user first sees when they open TikTok. But unlike Top View Ads, users cannot like or comment on the ad. Like YouTube’s non-skippable ads or bumper ads, remember to keep brand takeover ads short, snappy, and to the point.
  • Spark Ads let you leverage UGC (User Generated Content) in your advertising strategy. These ads function similarly to boosted posts on other platforms like Facebook. Furthermore, spark ads will send users to your account or a landing page.
  • In-Feed Ads play as users scroll through the ‘For You’ feeds. They are full-screen, sound-on ads that blend in with native content. In-feed ads rank among the more common types of TikTok advertising formats.
  • Branded Hashtag Ads are also a popular choice for brands looking to boost brand awareness on TikTok. These ads will spark on-platform engagement, offering up a “TikTok challenge” centered around your branded hashtag.

Promoting Your TikTok Ad

After you finish producing your TikTok ad, you can place it in your drafts if further editing is needed, or if you want to delay posting your ad. Decide how many TikTok ads you want to put out in a day and create a content calendar. The first 24 hours of your TikTok ad are the most important, as this lands on the ‘For You’ homepage of your audience and is when you can gain the most traction and views from your ad.

Make sure you check the comment section and respond to any questions that users post. Other companies also can comment on your ad so make sure to like and interact with these, allowing for more exposure.

TikTok Advertising with Premiere Creative

Getting started in the TikTok advertising world can engender a swath of challenges and obstacles. But if you can overcome these roadblocks, we guarantee that you can take your brand awareness to the next level. Premiere Creative has TikTok experience in marketing and advertising and can help your brand make a strong statement on the video-sharing app.

Reach out to Premiere Creative today to start your TikTok journey. Dial (973) 346-8100 to connect with our social media marketing team.