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Questions to Ask Your SEO Firm

In our previous blog post we touched on a few important things to consider when “shopping” for an SEO firm. Always do your research, and make sure your SEO company is doing their research as well. To make it easier for you, here are five questions you should ask your SEO agency before hiring them:

1. Are you going to make any changes to my website?

A specific type of SEO is necessary in order for optimization to take effect and that is called on-page SEO. On-page SEO has to do with your website and making sure all pages are properly formatted. The right SEO company will ask for permission to update and edit your site appropriately.

2. Are you going to help create the content? If not, are you going to update or add pages?

As a sub-question to number one, the answer to this should be yes. Many websites build landing pages which SEO companies will then optimize. Targeted keywords also need to be implemented into current content and any updated webpages. \

3. What are you going to do besides updating my website?

There are endless off-page SEO services. Web directories are very helpful for building backlinks and bringing new visitors to your website. Your SEO company should be constantly building new links and adding links to website and web directories.

4. Will you be targeting additional keywords over time?

Since the Internet and search engines themselves are constantly updating and refreshing, so are the keywords associated with your business and website. Your SEO company should always monitor the most current keywords and keyword changes.

5. What guarantees do you provide?

No one should guarantee any ranking. Although an SEO company’s efforts may result in top ranking, it cannot be guaranteed. What an experienced SEO company should be able to show is an increase in traffic over time from sources targeted during the campaign. Organic traffic is important as are Web 2.0 platforms, local traffic and other non-paid sources.

Keep these questions in mind, as well as the answers. It’s important to know what to expect from your SEO campaign.