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Tag: Off-Page SEO

SEO Myths

Debunking Common SEO Myths

When it comes to learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO), do not believe everything you read on the web. Many SEO myths persist that Premiere Creative experts are ready to debunk.
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Website Audit

Your Guide to Website Audits

Whether due to infrequent maintenance updates or problems with overlapping content, your website can benefit from a comprehensive audit when you notice a drop in monthly conversions. Conducing website audits
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SEO is an Ongoing Investment — There Is No “Set It and Forget It”

Your website was built and optimized using SEO best practices and now someone has raised the issue of ongoing SEO.  For many businesses, this is a confusing proposition.  Why does
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on-page seo

What is On-Page SEO?

When you think of search engine optimization (SEO), you may be most familiar with the techniques unrelated to the design and code of your website that affect its ranking in
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Length of an SEO Contract

Hiring an SEO company may take a little time and research. We’ve discussed ten important questions you should ask during the “shopping” time period of choosing your SEO company, but
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Questions to Ask Your SEO Firm

In our previous blog post we touched on a few important things to consider when “shopping” for an SEO firm. Always do your research, and make sure your SEO company
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Importance of Good Keywords in Website Content

Header tags are especially important they are used as headlines and scanned by search engine robots when crawling indexed pages. Although there are different levels of headers, it’s important to
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